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Premium Rates and Payments

We can help if you are buying your first auto insurance policy, shopping for the best rate on car insurance, or if you are ready to switch insurance carriers. Cost-U-Less is a California-based insurance company that specializes in insuring California drivers. We have expertise in finding coverage for high-risk drivers with tickets, accidents, or DUIs on their records as well as for new and experienced drivers.

Details on Insurance Rates and Payments

Are Cost-U-Less rates the same as rates from an agent?

Cost-U-Less offers its customers unique buying power with the ability to shop more than 100 insurance options, so our rates are great.

How does the company determine my insurance rate?

We use insurance scores, and, depending on your state, we also consider your driving record, type of vehicle, where you live, your gender, your age, your credit rating, and other factors when determining your rate.

Why did my rate change after I received a quote?

There are several factors that can affect the quoted rate. If a significant amount of time has passed, rates in your area may have gone up. Changes in your driving record will also affect the rate. Please contact us at 866-505-6767, and a Cost-U-Less customer service representative can help answer your questions.

Does anyone regulate what you charge for insurance?

California requires auto insurance companies to file how they calculate customer rates, and insurers cannot deviate from these filed rates. California also has regulators who review the information and rates to ensure that all companies are in line.

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