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Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Insurance

Can I Get Dental Coverage in California?

Yes. Independence American covers several states, one of which is California. Whether you live in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, or anywhere else, you can count on Cost-U-Less to provide access to insurance coverage for your dental needs. Bilingual agents are available to walk you through the policy information and help you select a plan that fits your needs.

Is Dental Included With My Medical Insurance?

If you have health insurance, you probably won’t have any dental coverage. Some people mistakenly think dental insurance is automatically included in their medical health plan. That may be true in some rare cases, but dental coverage is usually a separate insurance.

What Benefits Do I Have From Purchasing a Dental Plan?

Having a dental insurance plan gives you peace of mind. You will be able to stay on top of routine dental care, which usually results in fewer overall dental and health problems.

Dental plans also save you money in the end because of the high cost you pay out of pocket if something goes wrong. It’s better to be proactive with your dental care instead of waiting until a bigger problem occurs.

How Can I Access Dental Care?

Once you have your plan in place, you can move forward with seeking dental care in California. Make an appointment for a routine dentist’s visit and ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. When you call the dental provider, tell them about your insurance coverage. Remember, if you have the PPO plan, you may want to ask if they are in the network for additional savings. However, if you already have a dentist you’re happy with and don’t want to change providers, it’s totally up to you.

Can I Go to Any Dentist I Want?

In some cases, going to an in-network California provider is beneficial, especially if you selected the PPO plan. Since there may be extra savings with a PPO plan by staying in-network, confirming the amount with your insurance policy is best.

An indemnity plan does not require an in-network provider. Indemnity plans allow you to go to any dental provider without network restrictions.

What Is the Deductible for Dental Insurance?

If you have medical insurance, you’re probably familiar with paying a certain amount for covered services before the insurance kicks in and begins paying. This amount is referred to as the deductible cost. Often, in a health plan, the deductible could be $1,000 or more. However, our affordable dental plans have a $50 annual deductible.