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Frequently Asked Questions

Snowmobile Insurance in CA

Am I Covered if I Lend My Snowmobile to a Friend?

Yes. If your friend has an accident while using your snowmobile, you will be covered for repairs. If damage was caused to someone else by your friend, their injuries and damages will be covered. Your friend’s injuries may be covered if you have added medical payment coverage.

Am I Covered if My Sled Gets Stolen in California?

If you have comprehensive insurance, then you will most likely be covered for theft.

I Only Ride in the Winter Months. Do I Need to Have Insurance for My Snow Vehicle All Year?

If you carry your snowmobile insurance all year, you would be protected if something like a fire happens while your sled is in storage.

Will My Insurance Cover Me if I am Giving Snowmobile Lessons?

No. If you are using your snowmobile to earn an income, you need to look for business coverage.

Should I Take a Snowmobile Driving Course?

Yes. It wouldn’t hurt and you might be able to get a discount on your insurance.

What Other Discounts Are Available in California?

It depends on your insurance company, but many insurers will give you a discount for things like:

  • Bundling your policies (insure your car and your snowmobile with the same company)
  • Customer loyalty (using the same insurer year after year should earn you some discount points)
  • Safe driver (Are you accident free on your regular car insurance? This could earn you a discount)