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Affordable ATV Insurance in California

Don’t Get Off the Beaten Path Without the Right Protection

Get All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Insurance in California

You’re ready to hit the California trails and get in some off-roading fun. But before you do, you need to make sure you and your ATV are protected from injuries and damage. Along with insuring all ATV riders have a DOT-compliant helmet, googles and the proper clothing, letting Cost-U-Less help you find the right ATV insurance should be at the top of your list.

Whether you use your ATV to feed and water the livestock or to head back into off-road territory, having the right ATV insurance in California will protect you financially. Give Cost-U-Less a call and let them walk you through the ins and outs of ATV insurance.

What is an ATV?

An All-Terrain Vehicle, sometimes called an Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) or Off-Road Vehicle (ORV), is defined as a motorized vehicle with two or more wheels that is designed to be used for off-road driving. In most cases, these vehicles are not legal to drive on highways or roads.

ATV Insurance FAQ

Get answers to common ATV insurance questions.

How Much Does Cheap ATV Coverage in California Cost?

ATV insurance in California is fairly inexpensive, with the average running about $133 a month for full coverage and as low as $9 monthly for the minimum liability. Most insurance companies insure ATVs under motorcycle coverage, although ATV insurance is typically cheaper than motorcycle coverage.

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Is ATV Insurance Required in CA?

No. California does not require you to insure or register your ATV. The main rule concerns operations: Those under the age of 14 must be able to reach the operational controls in order to legally operate an ATV.

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Why Should I Get Insurance for my ATV?

The very nature of riding an ATV makes it inherently dangerous. California is one of 10 states that together account for more than 42 percent of off-highway vehicle deaths. In 2020, more than 112,000 injuries attributed to OHVs were treated in US emergency rooms. Having the proper training and using your ATV in a responsible way will go a long way to making sure you don’t become an ATV statistic.

In addition to the right training and usage, buying insurance for your ATV means that if something does happen, you’ll have financial protection to help you pay for damages and injuries. A lot of ATV accidents occur when an ATV hits a stationary object, such as a tree. Most ATV accidents only involve the one vehicle. Being proactive when it comes to operating your ATV is just smart.

What Types of ATV Insurance are Available for Californians?

All the same types you see with regular car insurance or motorcycle insurance: liability in the form of bodily injury and property damage; collision and comprehensive; uninsured motorist coverage; and medical payments. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Bodily injury liability insurance: This coverage pays for injuries or deaths associated with an accident involving your ATV, plus legal costs if you get sued.
  • Property damage liability insurance: This coverage pays for damage you cause to someone else’s property while on your ATV.
  • Collision insurance: This coverage helps pay for damages your ATV sustains in a collision with another vehicle or if it overturns.
  • Comprehensive insurance: This coverage helps pay for damages sustained in ways other than a collision, such as weather events (hail), fire or if your ATV is stolen.

Medical insurance: This additional medical coverage helps pay for injuries sustained by someone riding your ATV. You may not feel you need all of this insurance on something you only ride in the woods on the occasional weekend. But remember, it’s better to have protection and not need it, than to not have protection and need it.

What Types of Vehicles Does Cost-U-Less Insure?

We insure a variety of vehicles and modes of transport, including:

  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  • Motocross and Dirt Bikes
  • Mopeds
  • Custom Choppers
  • Vintage Bikes
  • Antique Motorcycles
  • Motorcycles 25 Years and Older
  • Cruisers
  • Limited Production Cruisers
  • Street Sport Bikes
  • High Performance Motorcycles
  • Race Bikes
  • Touring Bikes
  • Super Bikes
  • Sport Touring Bikes
  • General Purpose Motorcycles
  • Dual Purpose or Enduro Motorcycles
  • Scooters
  • Trikes
  • Snowmobiles

Get Affordable ATV Insurance Quotes in California Today!

At Cost-U-Less, we know you like to get away to the great outdoors and play – so do we! We can help make sure you are financially protected, regardless of how you decide to play! We’ve got a variety of available ATV insurance packages to meet your needs and budget. Get a fast and free , call us at 800-390-4071 or visit us at one of our convenient locations.