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Frequently Asked Questions

ATV Insurance in CA

Where is ATV Insurance Required in California?

Depending on where you ride, you might be required to carry bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. Since all-terrain and utility terrain vehicles typically aren’t street-legal, there are no requirements for insurance. However, many state-owned lands and parks allow them only if riders have ATV liability insurance.

Will My California Home Insurance Cover My ATV?

Typically, home insurance will not cover your ATV if it’s damaged in an accident, as your property coverage doesn’t extend to vehicles. Vehicles require their own separate insurance policies.

However, because your California home insurance typically protects you if someone is injured on your property and sues, you will most likely be protected if someone gets hurt while using your all-terrain veicle on your property. Some policies may include restrictions on certain ages or other conditions, so be sure and check.

Will My Car Insurance Cover an All-Terrain Vehicle Accident in CA?

No. Your car insurance will not provide any coverage for you if you are hurt or you hurt someone else or damage someone’s property in an ATV accident.

Will My California Health Insurance Cover Me in an ATV Accident?

Maybe. You should always read the fine print in your health insurance policy. It’s possible if you get hurt in an ATV accident and cannot collect from another driver, your health insurance may cover you. Some health insurance policies specifically exclude “hazardous activities” such as off-roading.