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Tax Preparation Services

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Do you need help with preparing or filing your taxes? Filing federal, state, or local taxes in California requires a lot of complicated and time-consuming process. Moreover, you must be as accurate as possible to avoid potential penalties. To help with your tax preparation needs, Cost-U-Less Insurance is partnering with Tax Max to offer excellent, top-class tax preparation, filing, and refund services starting January 2nd.

Visit your nearest office today, our team can help get your taxes prepared fast, accurately and ensure that you receive your refunds quickly so you can stop waiting to get the car insurance you need.

Professional Tax Preparation and Refund from Cost-U-Less Insurance & Tax Max

Cost-U-Less Insurance, in conjunction with Tax Max, offers guaranteed accuracy on your tax preparation and returns. We utilize third-party software to process the customer’s taxes while ensuring efficiency and accuracy. With trusted and proven tax preparation and refund services from Tax Max, you don’t have to worry about your taxes anymore. Most importantly, we offer you the freedom and flexibility to choose how and how fast you want to receive your refunds and take advantage of Cost-U-Less’s low insurance rates right away.

Get all the tax filing help you need today! Visit us at your nearest Cost-U-Less office.

How Does It Work?

The process is fast and easy. Here’s how our tax preparation and refund process works:

  • Visit your nearest Cost-U-Less Insurance office.
  • Provide your driver’s license, all W-2 or 1099 forms, and social security card.
  • Our agent will enter your information into the Tax Max online system.
  • Our agent will review your refund information with you and select your desired funding option.
  • Submit your paperwork and receive unopened envelop that contacts your paperwork.
  • Once your refund is filed, you can monitor your tax refund online.
  • When your refunds are available, your funds will be deposited to your debit card.
  • If you are eligible for a tax refund, you can choose to receive an advance for up to $6,000 within 24 hours! If your refund exceeds $6,000, the remainder will be deposited to your debit card when IRS releases the refund.

Also, customers will receive a free accuracy guarantee along with free audit assistance from Tax Max all year long. This way, you can have the needed peace of mind that reliable and competent hands handle your tax preparation, filing, and returns.

Benefits of Our Tax Preparation and Refund Services

Our reliability, transparency, dedication to customers, and a huge selection of products are among the primary reasons you should choose Cost-U-Less Insurance to prepare, file your taxes, and handle your refunds. Here are some of the benefits available to customer who choose our tax preparation and refund services:

Discounted Tax Preparation Fees

We help prepare your taxes at the most competitive prices. Thanks to our discounted tax preparation fees, you can prepare and file your taxes at a rate of 30 to 40 percent lower than the national average. Cost-U-Less Insurance can offer you the attention to detail and quality service you deserve at the lowest price possible.

Same Day Refund

What’s more, with Cost-U-Less Insurance tax preparation and refund services, you don’t have to keep waiting to get your tax refunds. Customers can receive same-day refund advances up to $6,000. The process is fast and easy.

Highest Refund Guaranteed

Also, we guarantee you the highest refund possible on your taxes. Our team will help you take full advantage of tax deductions and credits that are often missed to ensure that you get more money back in your pocket as refunds.

Accuracy Guaranteed

In addition, we guarantee accuracy on all taxes prepared by use. Our accuracy guarantee ensures that all of our tax calculations are 100% correct. With this, we can help you avoid state or IRS penalty or interest due to a calculation error.

Free Audit Assistance

Cost-U-Less Insurance offers free tax audit assistance to taxpayers who need help resolving various tax issues. Our team will analyze your issue for free, provide suitable answers to questions, and offer tax audit support to help you better understand what’s going with your taxes.

Free Consultation and Year-Round Support

Also, we offer free consultation and year-round support. Our trusted team is available all year round to serve your unique needs. We are always available to provide suitable answers to all your questions and concerns.

Who is Tax Max?

Tax Max is a National Tax Preparation company with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating specializing in partnering with insurance companies to allow their customers to file their income tax return.

Visit Us Today!

Visit your nearest Cost-U-Less Insurance office to know more about our tax preparation and refund services. Our dedicated representatives will be available to discuss your needs. We guarantee quality and excellent services.

Have questions? Visit our tax services FAQs.

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