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Frequently Asked Questions

Boat Insurance

Should I Tell My Insurance Company That I Plan to Take My Boat Out into the Ocean?

You should purchase your boat insurance policy based on where you plan to navigate. Those who will be taking their watercraft into wider areas should purchase enough to cover their boats in those circumstances. If you only plan to occasionally venture out, you may be able to get trip endorsements from your insurer on an as needed basis.

What Should I Do if I Plan to Take My Boat to Mexico?

Keep in mind that just as with car insurance, Mexico requires you to purchase an insurance policy through a Mexican insurance company. You may need to purchase a temporary “Cruising Extension” from your U.S. insurer if you plan on taking your boat out of U.S. waters.

Does My Boat Insurance Cover My Fishing Equipment?

You can find a policy that will extend coverage to your personal items and things like fishing equipment, which can be very expensive.

Can I Let My Boat Insurance Drop During the Off-Season?

You can but it’s not a good idea. Your boat could sustain serious damage if something happens to your storage place, such as fire or a wind or hail storm. Additionally, your boat could be stolen at any time. It’s best to always have protection for this expensive piece of fun equipment.