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Frequently Asked Questions

Roadside Assistance in CA

Is Roadside Assistance Worth It on California Highways?

Yes, roadside assistance can be a lifesaver in the event of an emergency, such as a flat tire or an overheated radiator. Especially if you have an older vehicle or have a teen driver in your family, roadside assistance costs very little for the peace of mind it provides.

What is The Best Roadside Assistance?

There are many roadside assistance companies in the market. The best one for you will be determined by your specific needs. Choosing to go with the same company as your car insurance makes sense.

Where Can I Buy Roadside Assistance in California?

Roadside assistance can be purchased through providers like AAA or AARP, but it can also be purchased through some auto insurance companies as an add-on to a standard auto insurance policy.

Can I Use Roadside Assistance Anytime?

Roadside assistance provides coverage 24/7/365. This means that regardless of when you are driving, you can use your roadside assistance. However, if you are in an area with fewer repair shops or towing services, you may have to wait longer for service.

Can I Use My Roadside Assistance Plan if I Am Driving a Friend’s Car?

Yes, in most cases. Your roadside assistance plan covers you, not the vehicle. However, it is worth checking with the provider you decide to go with to make sure you will have it when you need it most.