Safe Household Chemicals may Cause Cancer when Combined

Health insurance sells because peace of mind is one of the most valuable things on the planet to many people. Knowing that you’re prepared for the worst makes all of the good times a little sweeter, and if adversity does finally roll around, the financial blow is softened by the safety net of insurance. Insurance isn’t just about saving on medical bills, it’s about being free to enjoy the better parts of life. Now it’s easier than ever to get health insurance, and that’s wonderful, because it seems like not a day passes without some new danger presenting itself.

Depending on your lifestyle, many of the chemicals you deal with on a day-to-day basis don’t present any direct or immediate danger to your health. The word “chemicals” has been warped over time, but the truth is, plenty of chemicals are harmless in the form they’re sold. Common table salt, for instance, is a chemical combination of two of the world’s most terrible poisons, sodium and chloride, but when those two chemicals are combined, they create a beloved flavor enhancer. But what other chemical reactions could be taking place in your own home? A recent study seeks to find the answer.

California health insurance is essential, and if you weren’t already convinced, what those researchers found might just convince you. 174 scientists in 28 countries tested 85 common household chemicals and examined their interactions to figure out how our bodies are influenced by the proverbial “chemical soup” we spend our lives in.

These chemicals may be found in common products like…

– Food

– Cosmetics

– Cleaning supplies

– Air fresheners

– Synthetic materials

In a press release issued by Brunel University in London, England, Dr. Hemad Yasaei said, “This research backs up the idea that chemicals not considered harmful by themselves are combining and accumulating in our bodies to trigger cancer and might lie behind the global cancer epidemic we are witnessing. We urgently need to focus more resources to research the effect of low dose exposure to mixtures of chemicals in the food we eat, air we breathe and water we drink.”

Lead author of the synthesis William Goodson III expanded on that statement, adding, “Since so many chemicals that are unavoidable in the environment can produce low dose effects that are directly related to carcinogenesis, the way we’ve been testing chemicals (one at a time) is really quite out of date.”

He continued, “Every day we are exposed to an environmental ‘chemical soup’, so we need testing that evaluates the effects of our ongoing exposure to these chemical mixtures.”

This study will hopefully serve as a wake-up call to cancer researchers and chemists across the world, leading to more relevant methods of testing for unforeseen consequences of our chemical-soaked lifestyles. The best thing you can do right now to combat these reactions is to find a health insurance provider that’s right for you. We offer affordable health insurance, great customer service, and a knowledgeable staff ready and waiting to answer your questions. Give us a call or click today!

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Safe Household Chemicals may Cause Cancer when Combined
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