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5 Tips for Traveling with Kids

The holiday season has finally arrived, and for many families, this means one thing: It’s time to travel with kids. While going on vacation with kids is an excellent opportunity to... Read more...
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4 Tips for Renting for the First Time Part 2

1. Get Renters Insurance This is one of the most important tips for renting, but many people still forget it because not all landlords ask for it. Having renters insurance not... Read more...
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7 Tips to Buy a Used Car

Going for a used car rather than a new one is a great way to save on transportation. Sometimes you can even get more car for your money! If the question... Read more...
happy couple on the couch of their first rented apartment
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4 Tips for Renting for the First Time Part 1

Renting for the first time is a big step. You probably look forward to the freedom of your first apartment and maybe even have already started an apartment hunt. You might... Read more...
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I Got a DUI in California: Now What?

Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is dangerous and a serious offense. The consequences of a DUI in California include losing one’s driver’s privileges, probation, and, in some... Read more...