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The Best (and Worst) New Cars to Insure in California 

As a California resident, you know the cost of living is high. That’s why you have to pinch pennies whenever and wherever you can — even by taking control of what you pay for auto insurance

It might not be a big surprise that the most expensive makes and models to insure are also the ones that are the most expensive to purchase. The vehicles likelier to be on your own shopping list are much more affordable when it comes to auto insurance. Let’s look a little deeper. 

Suburus, Hondas and Fords Set the Pace for Insurance Affordability 

Some of the more common automobiles on the 2023 list for cheap car insurance rates in California cost, on average, around $1,400 a year to insure for full coverage. In fact, there’s a difference of roughly $60 a year between what most people will pay for the vehicle at the top position on this year’s list (a Suburu) and the 20th position (a Jeep Wrangler). 

In between, you’ll find plenty of familiar brands that you, your friends, family, and neighbors probably drive: Hondas, Toyotas, more Suburus, and Fords. In other words, what you might think of as the more practical options when you visit the car dealerships near you are also your best choices for auto insurance affordability. 

Porsches and Teslas and Beamers…oh My! 

Get out your checkbook and take a deep breath. Not only when you lay down more than $100,000 to drive home your brand-spanking-new Maserati Quattroporte, but when you go about getting it insured. That’s likely to set you back an additional $5,000-plus. 

Sticker shock? It doesn’t get much “cheaper” when you go to insure your new top-of-the-line Porsche or the Audi RS E-tron GT or any of the Maserati, Porsche, BMW or Audi models. 

Why the Big Difference? 

It seems like a logical question to ask why you need to pay nearly four times more in car insurance for luxury brands than for those we more typically see in the parking lots and on the streets near where we live. 

Do Maseratis, Porsches, Beamers, and the like cost more to insure simply because car insurance companies figure their owners can afford it? No, it’s not quite that simple — although the reason is indeed related to the cost of the vehicle. 

In short, high-end rides almost always cost more to repair because the replacement parts are more expensive. And obviously, insurance companies pay more to replace them if they’re stolen (considering that they attract much attention). 

Then there’s the fact that imports typically cost more to insure than domestic vehicles because the replacement parts must be ordered and shipped from overseas. Yes, your much cheaper-to-insure Hondas and Toyotas are also the products of foreign automakers, but those companies have manufacturing plants in the U.S., so replacement parts aren’t so hard to come by. 

As for sports cars with big sticker prices, another reason they tend to cost more to insure is that underwriters suspect drivers of those vehicles have a heavier foot on the accelerator. Therefore, those cars also often attract speeding tickets and are involved in expensive collisions. 

Indian man leans against his new car at the beach

Overall, What You’ll Pay for Auto Insurance Is Less About Your Car and More About You 

If you’re not planning on buying a luxury vehicle, the difference in what you’ll pay for car insurance for one brand or another is worth checking out before you sign paperwork — but it’s not huge. In fact, there are several other factors — some in your control and others not so much — that have a greater impact on your ability to get cheap car insurance on new cars. Let’s look at a few of the leading contenders. 

Age and Sex 

Auto insurance underwriters have accumulated data that shows young drivers get more speeding tickets and experience more accidents than older drivers. And young males tend to drive more recklessly than females. 

So if you (or your offspring) are a boy or man under the age of 25, the best that can be said is that time and acquired wisdom will lower the policy premium. 

Your Driving Record 

If your driving record shows a lot of moving violations or accidents, you’re probably considered a high-risk driver. With this designation, you’ll either be turned down for coverage or get charged more. 

You can’t do much about your age except to grow out of that particular cost factor, but you can do plenty to have a driving record that will save you money. Simply drive carefully, observe all speed limits, and never get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It really is that simple. 

And if your driving record has already taken several hits, it’s never too late to improve. Your record will clean up over time as long as you change your driving practices now. 

Your Address 

If you live in what’s considered to be a high crime area, your address could cost you more in auto insurance rates. If you’re in an area code where incidents of car theft or vandalism are high, such as Bakersfield, CA, your insurer will lessen their risk by charging you more. 

Your Auto Insurance Agent 

Your agent really can make a difference in how much you pay for car insurance. An agent who’s on the ball can help you find cheap car insurance for new cars and alert you to various ways to get cost discounts and save money. 

For instance, if you have expensive-to-insure young drivers in the family, a savvy agent should ask you about their high school or college grades. That’s because many auto insurers grant discounts to young drivers with good grades, under the assumption that they’re likely to be more responsible drivers. 

This is only one example of how an agent working hard on your behalf can save you money. 

If you deal with an independent agent, you have an even greater likelihood of finding the most affordable coverage. That’s because independent agents have working relationships with multiple major carriers, so they can get you competitive rates for the most affordable coverage. 

How to Find Affordable Car Insurance in California 

What will you pay for car insurance for your next new vehicle? Contact Cost-U-Less Insurance at (800) 390-4071 before you make the buying decision, and find out ways you can save on auto insurance. Or get a fast and free quote online. You can also meet with an independent agent at a California location near you

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