Make Extra Cash With Your Smartphone Photos

earn money with smartphone

If you own a smartphone, you’re sitting on a great way to bring in extra cash with Foap, a free social photo app that turns your photos into dollars. And if you’re looking for a way to keep more cash, get a recent quote on your car insurance – you could cut that high rate you’ve been paying.

Foap is going after companies looking for natural-looking, spur-of-the-moment photos with a “local feeling” to use images in stories or marketing and advertising campaigns looking for pictures.

How it works

• Users upload their photos to Foap’s online marketplace
• Photos sell for $10 a pop
• When a photo sells, Foap gets $5 and the contributor gets $5

The free app also lets users check out Foap Missions, where companies describe what kind of photo they are looking for. Companies pay cash rewards for the best photos. The reward amount ranges from hundreds up to thousands of dollars.

For every photo you send in, you’re required to:

• Provide a description
• Tag its event or location
• Verify you have permission from any people in the photo to sell the image

After the photo is submitted:

• The photo is presented to other Foap users to rate its quality on a scale of 1-5.
• Only images that are rated an average of 2 or more stars after 5 reviews are admitted into the

Foap Image Marketplace.

• Contributors are alerted after a photo sells (each photo can be sold an unlimited number of times.
• Money is immediately available to contributors through PayPal.

Courtesy of Foap, here are some tips for taking better photos with your phone:

1. Hold the camera very steady to prevent blurry pictures.
2. Use the natural light. Mobile cameras usually don’t work as well as real cameras in dark environments.
3. To get more depth with photos, think in “levels”—foreground, object and background.
4. Enjoy the experience! Help your subject act natural and feel relaxed and you will capture the best natural style photo that companies want.
5. Shoot the photo suddenly, when the subject is not expecting it. Again, the photo will have a more natural feeling.

While you’re trying to find the ideal shot and weaning your way through heavy traffic, make sure you’ve got your car insurance up-to-date.

Do you think this is a good way to make extra cash? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Make Extra Cash With Your Smartphone Photos
Own a smartphone and need a way to make extra cash? Check out Foap, a social photo app that turns your photos into dollars.