Auto & Home Insurance News You May Have Missed Week of Feb 17, 2014

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Radar Detectors and Your Car Insurance
In most states you can use a radar detector for personal use to avoid speeding tickets, and there’s really not much your car insurance company can do about it.

Source:  Fox Business
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Why Aren’t We Buying Insurance Against Global Warning?
Every responsible person carries insurance against all sorts of life’s potential catastrophes. We don’t think twice about buying health insurance, home insurance, car insurance, life insurance, liability insurance, and it goes on and on.

Source:  Huffington Post
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Frozen Pipes Haunt Homeowners
It’s a telltale sign: you turn on the faucet and … nothing.  With record cold in much of the nation this winter, many homeowners have had (or will have) to deal with pipes freezing — and then bursting.

Source:  LaCross Tribune
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Dollars & Sense
According to Ralph Burnham, executive director of the Insurance Fraud Prevention Bureau, fraud referrals for auto insurance increased 9 percent; workers’ compensation referrals increased 7 percent; and homeowners’ and renters insurance increased 12 percent.

Source:  Claims Journal
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The Hidden Costs of Settling an Estate
It seems like it should be so easy. A loved one dies, you go to the reading of the will and the closing of an estate is complete.

Source:  Daily Finance
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Take Some Precautions to Avoid Big Winter-Damage Bills
Pennsylvania appears 11 times on the list of the 15 costliest U.S. winter events for insured losses between 1980 and 2012.

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Homeowners in Flood Zones Fear Insurance Spike
In Columbus, Ind., in June 2008, a flood destroyed the basement of Sunset Drive homeowner Wally Cantrell, but his flood insurance policy helped cover a good bit of the repairs.

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