5 Steps to the Mother’s Day of a Lifetime

5 Steps to the Mother’s Day of a Lifetime

Imagine the perfect Mother’s Day. You rent an exotic car, drive through California on a beautiful Sunday morning, and pick up your loved ones… But what comes next? No matter what you’re in the mood for, get ready for the Mother’s Day of a lifetime – we’ve chosen some of our favorite Los Angeles eateries, shops, coffee bars, and spas, perfect for locals, visitors, and anyone looking for a night of indulgence, family-friendly fun, and, most importantly, enduring memories. Let’s get started!

1.) Brunch – Salt’s Cure
It’s still the weekend, so skip breakfast and sleep in to catch an excellent brunch at Salt’s Cure, a simple restaurant that serves simple food – from New York strip steak to paper-thin slices of cured beef and more. This isn’t your typical breakfast eatery, and that makes it all the better for special occasions like this one. Any fan of fine meats and seafood will feel right at home here, and with fresh-cooked breads and superior grass-fed beef, you’ll have plenty of energy for the day ahead.

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2.) Mid-day pick-me-up – Balconi Coffee Company
With a focus on siphon brewing and surprising attention to fine detail, Balconi Coffee Company is an inviting and progressive coffee stop with a great atmosphere and even better coffee. Winner of countless awards, Balconi sets out to win each customer over with aromatic and enticing lattes, cappuccinos, and pastries. The latte art is so interesting, unique, and intricate that it’s almost a shame to drink the coffee, but you won’t regret a single sip. Still a tiny bit peckish after brunch? Each cup of coffee comes with a tiny complimentary cookie!

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3.) Shopping – Melrose Avenue
What day out on the town would be complete without the chance to visit some of the most interesting and modern boutiques in Los Angeles? With a huge selection of designer brands, luxury boutiques, vintage shops, and entertainment opportunities for all ages, Melrose Avenue is the mecca of afternoon relaxation, shopping, and fun. If you can imagine it, they likely have it at one of this iconic avenue’s dozens of stores.

4.) Spa day – The Raven Spa
The Raven Spa is simply an incredible place to be. Designed to be a relaxing experience from the moment you walk in the door, The Raven Spa is home to some of the finest massages, acupuncture, and skin care treatments in the world, perfect for a quiet evening of pampering and relaxation. After shopping, what could be better?

5.) Dinner – Animal
Minimalist design. Original and groundbreaking cuisine. Reasonable pricing and perfect portions. All of these things and more are what make Animal our #1 pick for a special Mother’s Day dinner. There’s plenty of good food in Los Angeles, but few restaurants can provide you with the variety, originality, and quality of Animal’s entertaining and indulgent dishes. From beloved standards with a twist to completely original creations, there’s no better place to create an enduring and beautiful memory than Animal.

It’ll be Mother’s Day before you know it, and the possibilities are endless, so what are you waiting for? Key these cultural gems into your GPS tracking device and navigate through a day of food, fun, and relaxation, just in time to show your mom how much she really means to you. What would you change about this itinerary? Did we miss out on an even better place to stop? Let us know in the comments section below!

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5 Steps to the Mother’s Day of a Lifetime
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