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Don’t Qualify for California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program?

To meet California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance program requirements, applicants must qualify as a good driver. Good drivers, according to the State of California criteria are drivers with no more than one at-fault property damage only accident or no more than one point for moving violation in the past three years and no felony or misdemeanor conviction for a violation of the Vehicle Code on his/her record. You must also drive a vehicle currently valued less than $20,000 and meet the income eligibility requirements.

How Do Drivers Get Low Cost Automobile Insurance in California

Many California drivers aren’t going to meet the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program requirements. So, with times tight, and financial responsibility a requirement to drive in California, what’s a driver to do?

Get a Great Rate on Your Car Insurance

Drivers with less-than-perfect driving records can call Cost-U-Less Insurance and get a great rate on their car insurance. With Cost-U-Less, drivers can meet the legal requirements to drive without spending unmanageable sums of money.

Do you qualify for California’s Lost Cost Insurance Option? If you don’t qualify for California’s Low Cost Insurance Program call Cost-U-Less Insurance and you’ll get a great rate without having to meet a stringent list of requirements.

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