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Compare Car Insurance Quotes

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Quote and Compare

Cost-U-Less can help if you are buying your first auto insurance policy, shopping for the best rate on car insurance, or if you are ready to switch insurance carriers. Cost-U-Less is a California-based insurance company that specializes in insuring California drivers. Call us today and let us design a customized plan that maximizes your savings!

Get Help Choosing Insurance Coverage

We can suggest types and amounts of coverage to consider, optional coverage and the options to customize your insurance policy to meet your exact coverage needs.

Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

See how your auto insurance rates compare to the rates of similar drivers. Compare your Cost-U-Less rates to those of our competitors. With more than 100 insurance options to choose from, we’re sure to provide the lowest rates on auto insurance.

Money-Saving Tips

Cost-U-Less provides you with the best rates on car insurance, guaranteed! Our knowledgeable staff will find the best insurance options to meet your needs and advise you on coverage you might not need to help meet your auto insurance budget.

Insurance Myth vs. Reality

Cost-U-Less works to dispel frequent car insurance myths. We’ve provided the best rates for California drivers for more than 20 years. And we’re certain you won’t pay more for your insurance policy just because your car is red.

Purchase Options

Cost-U-Less offers a number of convenient insurance purchase options to meet your budget and busy lifestyle. You can visit one of our convenient insurance center locations or call us, toll free, 866-505-6767. Our customer service representatives are here to assist with the range of purchase and payment options.

Payment Plans

Pay for your insurance policy all at once, every quarter or once a month. Pay online, use a check, a credit card or pay by phone. Pay for your car insurance your way, when it’s convenient for you.

Ready to save money on your car insurance? Give us a call at 866-505-6767 to receive a free California car insurance quote or enter your zip code in the box at the top of the page to get started.