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Why Your Landlord’s Insurance in California Won’t Cover Your Belongings

What if you lost everything even though you thought you were protected? 

Sadly, this happens every day to California renters who are relying on their landlord’s insurance. Unless tenants have their own renters insurance, they may be completely out of luck in the event their property is damaged or stolen. 

But why doesn’t the landlord’s coverage protect you, and what makes renters insurance so special? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know! 

What Is Landlord Insurance? 

Landlord insurance is a special form of homeowner’s coverage designed for those who intend to rent dwellings to other people. In its most basic form, this coverage helps protect the home, any structures attached to the home, some HVAC and other systems and certain items designed to help maintain the property (such as lawnmowers and leaf blowers). 

Depending on the insurance carrier, it may be possible to add additional riders to landlord coverage. This includes riders for burglary and vandalism as well as riders to protect homes that are being either constructed or repaired. 

Does Landlord Insurance Cover Damage to the Tenant’s Property? 

Sadly, landlord coverage does not cover a tenant’s property – which is another way that it is very similar to traditional homeowner’s policies. In both cases, the coverage is designed to protect the property itself as well as items owned by the actual homeowner; no such protections are afforded to anything owned by those who are renting out the home. 

This is why it’s essential for tenants to have their own renters insurance. As an added bonus of renters insurance, it’s possible to transfer this coverage from one rented home to another. In some cases, the fact that you have renters insurance may help you get a lease from landlords who would otherwise not rent their home to you. 

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Does Renters Insurance Cover Damage to the Landlord’s Property? 

Just as landlord insurance doesn’t actually protect any of your belongings, renters coverage doesn’t protect your landlord’s property. Instead, this specialized coverage can help you repair or replace various items that have been stolen or damaged. If something like a natural disaster makes your rental property uninhabitable, this coverage may also pay for you and your family to stay in a nearby hotel. 

One of the more overlooked features of renters coverage is that it also offers you liability protection. That means that if someone gets injured on the property and blames you (maybe they slipped on a toy and fell down the stairs or got bit by your dog), you’ll be able to pay for their medical bills and, if needed, pay for your legal costs if they take you to court. 

Why Renters Insurance in CA Is Essential for Protection 

The bottom line is clear: Landlord insurance is there to protect your landlord and not you. If you want to protect your own belongings, you’ll need to purchase renters coverage. 

It may be tempting to hold off on getting renters insurance, so you have one less bill to pay each month. However, this coverage will more than pay for itself once it helps pay for the repair or replacement of pricey items like computers and jewelry. If anyone should sue you because they got injured at your home, even a successful defense could bankrupt you. With a renters policy, you can hold your own in court without going broke. 

Get the Best Renters Insurance in California Today! 

Now you know why landlord insurance won’t protect your belongings. But do you know where you can find the best renters insurance to protect your family’s most important things? 

Cost-U-Less helps California renters like you get the protection you and your family truly deserve. Ready to sleep with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your most important belongings are safe? Call us at (800) 390-4071 or get a fast and free renters insurance quote online. You can also find a nearby office and come visit us in person! 

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