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Why the Insurance Industry will survive with Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are coming, and in many ways, they’re already here. Many people are asking: will there still be auto insurance after self-driving cars become mainstream? Sure, you can’t go a... Read more...
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Guidelines Established for Self-Driving Car Testing in the UK

The future of self-driving cars is coming, but the rules that apply to them still fall into a bit of a grey area. Do these autonomous automobiles need liability insurance? Do... Read more...
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Audi’s Latest Self-Driving RS7 Performs like a Pro

Everyone has to have liability insurance coverage to legally take to American streets, and the same is true for self-driving cars. Why? Well, because self-driving cars still get into the occasional... Read more...
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First Three California Self-Driving Car Permits Issued

There’s no mistaking the inevitable arrival of self-driving cars. While the technology isn’t quite mainstream yet, it’s been getting enough attention via social media to have become genuinely widespread, fascinating hundreds... Read more...
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Driverless Car Insurance in California

We recently spoke about self-driving cars, and more specifically, a new law that recently took effect in California allowing three companies to test their self-driving cars on public roads. Google, Volkswagen’s... Read more...
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GM’s Self-Driving Cadillac Slated for 2016 Release

We’re drowning in “smart” devices. We have smart TVs, smart watches, smart ovens, even smart thermostats. Everything is becoming automatic or programmable, including our cars, and although we’ve seen experimental self-driving... Read more...