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Spend Less on Motorcycle Insurance with These 5 Tips

Sometimes, it’s hard to resist the urge to buy a motorcycle of your own, and before you know it, you’re comparing motorcycle insurance quotes and picking out a bike of your own. Motorcycling can be great fun if all of the correct safety measures are taken, but it’s very important to take measures to protect your motorcycle as well. No motorcycle should be without a good, inexpensive insurance policy, so here are five ways to pick a motorcycle and a policy that works for you.

1. The bigger the bike, the bigger the cost
Bigger, louder, more powerful motorcycles are popular for a reason, but if you prefer a bigger, better bike, you’ll likely end up paying more for its insurance. The most important factor in determining your bike’s size is its engine – the higher the cc’s, the more powerful the engine is, and the more it will cost to insure. Why? Because being able to go faster for longer drastically increases the risk of being in a serious collision – it’s up to you whether or not the extra power is worth the price. For many, it is!

2. Reconsider your deductible
A higher deductible means that you’ll have to pay more when your vehicle is in need of repairs, but it also means that your monthly bill will be lower. Conversely, raising your deductible will increase your monthly fee, but it also means that if there’s a collision, you won’t be hit with a large financial burden. Adjusting your deductible to fit your lifestyle is a must, and combined with other budgetary considerations, you can save a lot of money.

3. Take a motorcycle safety class
Riding a motorcycle can be an extremely dangerous endeavor if you’re not properly prepared, but being prepared doesn’t just mean wearing all of the correct safety gear. Arm yourself with knowledge by taking a motorcycle safety class – the certificate you earn there is proof that you’ve been trained, and your insurance company may be willing to lower your rates.

4. Join a club – they offer discounts
When you pick up a new hobby, it’s always a good idea to surround yourself with others who share that hobby, and there’s no better place to find like-minded bikers than your local motorcycle club. These legitimate riding clubs can often point you in the direction of savings, and you’ll learn more about biking and customizing your motorcycle.

5. See how bundling could affect your policy
Many insurance companies offer discounts for customers that take out multiple policies with them, so getting a motorcycle is a great time to take a look at your insurance portfolio. Does your insurance policy meet your needs? Are you paying too much or receiving too little coverage?

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