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6 Easy Motorcycle Insurance Discounts for California Bikers 

What if lowering the monthly premium on your bike was as easy as taking off your helmet? 

It’s important for California riders to have proper motorcycle insurance. But no matter where they live or how fancy their bike, the one thing every biker in the state can agree on is they want to pay less for their monthly premium. 

Fortunately, it’s easy to lower how much you pay by taking advantage of special discounts offered by your insurance carrier. Don’t believe it? Keep reading to discover the best California motorcycle insurance discounts on the West Coast. 

1. Multiple Policy Discount 

Chances are that your bike isn’t the only thing that you need to protect. For example, in addition to your motorcycle coverage, you may need vehicle coverage and either homeowners insurance or renters insurance. If this sounds like you, then saving on your monthly premium may be as easy as picking up the phone or going online. 

That’s because one of the easiest and most reliable California bike insurance discounts is the multiple-policy discount. As long as you have multiple kinds of coverage via the same carrier, the company will likely be willing to give you a discount. In addition to saving plenty of money, condensing all your coverage into a single provider can also save you plenty of time when it comes to paying for premiums or even contacting customer service. 

2. Save With Safety Certifications 

Let’s face it—you’re probably one of the safest bikers in all of California. What if you could get that in writing, though, and save on your monthly premium while you’re at it? 

Another reliable way to save on motorcycle insurance is to take an approved bike safety course. Completing such a course (which doesn’t cost much, nor does it take very long to finish) gives your provider proof that you are safer than the average biker, allowing them to lower how much you must pay. 

3. Special Association Discounts throughout California 

Growing up, you might have heard your parents say that you will be judged by the company you keep. And they weren’t wrong; some of the various associations you are a part of may be the key to finally getting you cheap motorcycle coverage

Most California carriers offer special discounts to bikers who are a part of certain associations. For example, if you are still a member of your old college fraternity, that may be able to get you a discount. Not a frat rat? Don’t fret; most of the time, you can get a discount for being part of the Harley Owners Group or other specialized groups (including the United Services Automobile Association). 

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4. Safe Driving Discounts for California Bikers 

Earlier, we touched on the fact that completing a safety course is one of the most reliable ways to save on your California motorcycle insurance. While we still recommend that as an easy way to lower your premium, you should know that simply having a record of safe driving may be enough to reduce your bill even further. 

When your provider first sets up your premium, they are trying to assess how likely you are to get into an accident. But if you’ve been with your provider for a while without having to make any claims, then they effectively have solid proof that you’re a safer biker than many drivers on the road. Getting this discount may be as simple as calling your carrier and requesting it. 

Incidentally, if they deny your request, or if the discount is less than what you thought it would be, this might be a fine time to shop around for a better provider! 

5. Pay Everything Upfront to Pay Less 

Do you pay for your motorcycle coverage from month to month? If so, you’re like most riders throughout California. And there are some advantages to paying this way, especially if you think you might switch carriers. But if you’re happy with your provider and willing to pay for a one-year policy upfront, then you can likely save money. 

The reason for this is that carriers thrive on repeat business, and the last thing they want is for customers to jump ship and get insurance elsewhere. By paying for everything upfront, you reassure the carrier you’ll be around for at least a year. And such loyalty is usually enough to get you a discount. 

6. Automatic Payments Equal Automatic Savings 

Just as the average carrier worries about losing customers from month to month, they also worry about getting payments from those customers. If a check bounces or if someone forgets to update their debit card information, then the provider has to expend extra time and energy trying to get the money they are owed. 

However, if you’re someone who always pays for your California motorcycle insurance reliably and on time, then you may be able to get a monthly discount by switching to automatic payments. For the right biker, this is a real win/win situation. Automatic withdrawals means that you have one less payment to manually schedule each month, and your carrier will be happy to lower your monthly premium in gratitude. 

Get the Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance in California Today! 

Now you know the easiest motorcycle insurance discounts for bikers in the state of California. But do you know which carrier can help you get the best discounts as well as a lower monthly premium than you’re currently paying? 

Here at Cost-U-Less, we provide California bikers with the coverage they need at prices lower than they expected. Ready to protect your motorcycle and your finances? Call us at (800) 390-4071 or get a fast and free motorcycle insurance quote online. You can also find a nearby office and visit us in person. 

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