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What is an SR22?

Getting a DUI or having your license suspended for the first time can be incredibly stressful. You will likely be confronted with fines, restrictions and requirements that are completely unexpected. One unfamiliar requirement that you may encounter is the need to obtain SR-22 insurance. Most people have not heard of SR-22 insurance until their license is suspended so it is important to understand the basics before you begin your SR-22 insurance search.

What is an SR-22

An SR-22 is a form that serves as proof to your state that you have the minimum liability insurance coverage required by state law. The primary reason that one obtains SR-22 insurance is to reinstate a driver’s license after a suspension.

What Does SR-22 Insurance Cover

While an SR-22 is frequently referred to as SR-22 insurance, in actuality is not insurance and does provide any coverage at all. Instead it is simply a form that is attached your car insurance policy and filed with the state by your insurance company.

In order to meet the SR-22 requirements in the state of California, your auto insurance policy must have the minimum liability limits of 15/30/5, which is bodily injury coverage of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident as well as $5,000 in property damage liability coverage. The policy also must cover any cars that are registered under your name or any cars that you frequently drive.

How Much Does SR-22 Insurance Cost?

The cost to file an SR-22 form with your insurance company is relatively inexpensive – approximately $25 to $50. However you may find that you are paying more for insurance than you previously did – not because of the SR-22 itself, but because of whatever infraction led to your license suspension.

Insurance companies rate premiums based on a number of factors such as where you live, your age and your vehicle, but one of the most important factors is your driving record. If your license is suspended for a DUI, repeat traffic offenses or multiple accidents you will be considered a high-risk driver, which will likely mean higher premiums.

Since every insurance provider rates policies differently it is important to compare quotes to find the best rates for your needs. If you are looking for cheap SR-22 insurance that also provides quality coverage, consider a quote from Cost-U-Less Insurance Centers today. Call us today at 800-538-3213 for more information.

How Do I Get an SR-22

An SR-22 form must be filed with the California Department of Motor Vehicle by an insurance carrier. If you have an existing carrier they can likely file it for you, but it is important to note that your rates will probably increase when your policy renews. Therefore you might want to insurance shop when it is time to file an SR-22.

You should know that your insurance company cannot raise your rates while your current policy is in effect so any increases would occur at renewal.  Additionally, it is important to note that not every insurance company will file an SR-22 on your behalf so you may be forced to consider other companies.

How Long Do I Need an SR-22

In the state of California you will generally be required to maintain SR-22 insurance for three years. You do not need to re-file each year and it will remain on file with the DMV as long as your insurance policy is active.

However, if you decide to cancel your policy or stop making your premium payments, your insurance company is required to report this lapse in coverage to the DMV. This can result in serious repercussions such as suspensions to your license and vehicle registration.

Since SR-22 insurance can be expensive, avoid some of the hassle and prepare yourself by getting quotes from a variety of providers such as Cost-U-Less Insurance Centers, which continues to offer affordable insurance options for all drivers regardless of their record.

If you’re in need of SR-22 insurance, you’ve come to the right place. Cost-U-Less can help you file an SR-22 and obtain car insurance for high-risk drivers. Request an SR-22 car insurance quote online or over the phone by calling 800-390-4071.

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