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Road Rage Blamed for Death of Las Vegas Mother of Four

Whether driving alone, or in the case of a Las Vegas mother teaching her 15 year old daughter to drive, you could be a victim of road rage. It could happen to you when you least expect it…and, auto insurance becomes a mere after thought when your safety is involved.

Tammy Meyers, a mother of four, on her way back from giving her teen daughter a driving lesson, was gunned down outside her home, following a road rage incident with another vehicle. Sadly, confrontations, such as this, have become more common occurrences as we take to our nation’s roadways on a daily basis. The risks range from getting into an accident with a motorist who has no auto insurance to coming face to face with an angry, aggressive driver, operating his vehicle, while on the verge of road rage.

Finding the person who shot and killed Tammy Meyers has become a top priority for Las Vegas police, but they admit they currently have little information to go on.

Taking the proper precautions can be vital in avoiding or reducing the chances of having a conflict with an individual on the edge. After all, you just don’t know what the driver you accidentally cut off…or who deliberately cuts you off, tailgates you, or almost runs you off the road may be dealing with. A number of stressful situations could be at play, such as:

• Dealing with a lot of pressure at the office.
• Suddenly unemployed and angry about it.
• Having marital or relationship problems.
• Experiencing financial trouble.
• Irritable from lack of sleep.
• Belligerent from drinking.

Whatever the reason, all situations are highly volatile and can become even more so under the right conditions, especially driving. Consider combining aggressive behavior with stress, anger, and frustration and you could have all the ingredients for road rage.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to settle your road disagreement with a gun or with your vehicle – the result is the same – you’re guilty of an ADW – Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Either way, you could be looking at time behind bars, especially if your actions result in injury or death. And, should your vehicle be damaged in an accident as a result of road rage, regardless of who’s initially at fault, you can expect your car insurance rates to go up.

So, the next time you sense you’re in an escalating situation and are about to have a possible encounter with road rage, try to avoid it by taking note of the following tips:

1. Avoid bringing it on yourself – Don’t aggravate other drivers. Avoid doing things that are known to irritate other motorists – by driving below the speed limit in the fast lane, cutting a driver off, or tailgating unnecessarily. Signal before changing lanes and pass the car ahead if they’re going too slow for you.
2. Don’t engage the driver. If you suspect a driver is possibly agitated by one of your actions, get out of his way. Don’t make eye contact. Avoid shouting, fist waving, and other hand gestures that will accomplish absolutely nothing, but escalate the situation into something potentially dangerous.
3. Remain calm. Don’t be tempted to play the aggressive driver’s game. The last thing you want to do is egg him on. Keep your head and don’t respond in kind. The more you play the aggressive driver’s game, the worse you can expect things will get.
4. Call for help. If you’ve exhausted all sensible efforts to avoid a confrontation, and the deranged motorist insists on continuing his road rage behavior, call for help. There’s nothing wrong with being concerned about your health or your family’s, if you feel you’re in danger. Call 911 and/or drive to the nearest Police Station. Ask the 911 operator for the nearest one by giving him/her your location and head straight for it.
5. Don’t exit your vehicle. Under no circumstance should you stop and get out of your car. The only place you should do so is where it’s safe. And, even then…the driveway of your home may not be the safest place to be. Once the agitated driver has followed you home and knows where you live…you may continue to be at risk for some time. Never lead them to your residence.

While you may not be able to avoid all road rage situations, if you remain calm and remember these simple tips, you’ll have a better chance of significantly reducing possible encounters and the severity of their outcome.

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Have you ever been involved in a scary incident of road rage? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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