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Never Leave the House Without These In-Car Essentials

car in snow

Your auto insurance coverage is your safety net for when the worst takes you by surprise. Accidents happen, but it’s always a good idea to plan for the absolute worst, and with winter weather approaching quickly, there’s no better time to prepare your vehicle. These are the 10 items you should never leave home without.

1. Tire Pressure Gauge

Keeping your tires properly inflated at all times will improve your vehicle’s handling and safety, and could even boost your fuel efficiency.

2. Oil

The addition of a little oil could loosen your vehicle up enough to push it to safety, and if your vehicle requires a certain kind of oil, keeping a quart nearby may be the only way to keep it in top condition.

3. Cell Phone Charger

Keeping your phone charged (or keeping a cell phone charger in your car) is a good idea. Most newer cars come with USB portals, which means you can easily charge your primary electronic devices in a pinch. But for those of you who have older model cars, keeping a cell phone charger that plugs into your cigarette lighter is an easy fix.

4. Flashlight

“I already have a flashlight on my phone,” you may be thinking. While useful in a pinch, using your phone’s flash as a flashlight is damaging and wastes battery much more quickly than needed. Pack a flashlight and some batteries!

5. Be Prepared for Two Damaged Tires

If one of your tires gives up on you, you always have the spare, but what if a second tire busts? What if your spare is too damaged to use? Pack a patch kit and learn how to use it – it could just save your trip.

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6. Have a Battery Backup Plan

It’s always a good idea to bring jumper cables with you, but it’s extremely important not to rely on them. If your car needs a jump start, it’ll need more unless you recharge the battery immediately. Winterizing your car can make these problems a little less common.

7. Paper Maps Can’t Die

It might seem downright archaic using a paper map in 2015 since most people have a fully-featured GPS in their pockets at all times, but even if you have a cell phone and two backup GPS units, sometimes it’s better to just have a map. No signal to lose, no battery to charge, no fuss.

unzipped first aid kit

8. First-Aid is a Must

If you’re stranded on the road, an untended injury can turn a small delay into a huge problem. Bandages, disinfectant, and an extra supply of any essential medications like insulin is top priority.

9. Non-Perishable Snacks and Clean Water

If you’re stranded, your main objective should be staying alive, and nothing keeps you alive like food and water. Bring some, and make sure to check the expiration dates every couple months. Compact, nutrient rich, high-calorie foods are best.

10. Insurance and Registration Info

If you exchange metal with another driver on the road, you could be stranded and unable to send for needed documents. Keep a copy of your insurance info and vehicle registration on-hand at all times. Even a cheap car insurance plan can save you thousands.

Did we forget a bare essential? Expand this list in the comments below, and call or click Cost-U-Less Direct today to see how much you could be saving on car insurance.

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