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5 Signs California Residents Need Renter’s Insurance for the Dog 

What if the biggest sign you need renter’s insurance was right in front of you and you didn’t even know it? 

When you rent a home in California, there are many reasons to purchase coverage, but many renters find themselves on the fence about getting it. However, if you own a canine companion, then they may be giving you warning signs that you need the dog liability coverage necessary to handle any legal action taken against you. 

Keep in mind that if you own a certain type of breed, such as a pit bull or German Shepherd, you may find it more difficult to get insurance. Likewise, if your dog has bitten someone in the past, you may be denied. 

What are the signs you need such protection from a possible dog lawsuit? Keep reading to discover the biggest signs you need renter’s insurance because of your canine! 

1. Your Dog Won’t Stop Biting Things 

If your pooch isn’t aggressive towards other people, you may think you don’t need any renter’s coverage. But ask yourself if your dog has the annoying habit of chewing and biting random things throughout the house. 

Dogs who are prone to biting their owner’s property around the home are that much likelier to chew on a visitor’s belongings as well. In some cases, it may take the pet only seconds to cause thousands of dollars of damage to things like laptops and smartphones. This can open you to legal action via California pet liability laws, but renter’s insurance can help pay for the damage and help with your legal fees. 

2. Your Pooch Is Aggressive to Strangers 

What if your dog hasn’t actually bitten anyone before? In that case, you may feel safe skipping renter’s insurance. But if the animal has a history of acting aggressively toward strangers, then you may need this coverage just in case. 

Why is that? In short, your pooch may just be paranoid, but you have no easy way of telling when that paranoia could spill over into violence until it’s too late. By going ahead and obtaining renter’s coverage, you can protect yourself from the possibility of the animal biting someone who ends up suing you. And, of course, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are protected. 

3. Your Dog Goes Wild at the Local Dog Park 

So far, we have been focusing on the prospect of pooches causing damage to other people and other people’s property. However, you should also be aware that you could be held legally liable for any damage that your pet ends up inflicting on another dog. 

For that reason, we think you should snag renter’s insurance if you are in the habit of visiting local dog parks. Fortunately, dog liability coverage protects you even outside of the home, so you can make those trips to the park that much safer. 

Two poodles chasing a Beagle at the dog park

4. You Frequently Have Guests and Parties 

Do you like to entertain guests and fancy yourself the life of the party? If so, regularly hosting parties at your home may seem like a no-brainer. But if you frequently have guests over, then renter’s insurance is truly a must-have item. 

The reason for this is that you don’t always know how your dog will react to every guest: a pet that is usually fine around your friends may suddenly freak out around a new person, for example. And the stimuli associated with parties (such as loud music) may cause unexpected aggressive behavior. You can’t always expect the unexpected, but with the right coverage, you can give yourself the protection you deserve. 

5. The Dog Is Unpredictable Around Children 

You can never be certain whether someone will take you to court over a dog bite. However, if your animal ends up hurting someone’s child, then your odds of ending up in court increase quite dramatically. 

Because of this, you really need to get renter’s insurance if your pooch is unpredictable around kids. Even if he never bit anyone, unpredictable behavior has a tendency to turn aggressive, and it’s important for you to protect yourself and your family ahead of time with very solid liability coverage. 

Get Affordable Renter’s Insurance for Dog Owners in California 

Now you know the biggest signs that you need renter’s insurance if you have a dog. But do you know who offers the coverage you need at the prices you deserve? 

Here at Cost-U-Less, we help California dog lovers get insurance so solid that it might just make your own tail wag. Ready to protect yourself from potential lawsuits while better protecting your property? Call us at (800) 390-4071 or get a fast and free renter’s insurance quote online. You can also find a nearby office and visit us in person. 

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