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6 Ways to Keep Your Teen’s Car Insurance Cheap

Auto insurance is just one of the many expenses associated with setting a new driver up with everything they need to exercise their newfound freedom on the road. It’s natural for a parent to be worried when their teen sets out on their own for the first time, but with the right information and a few smart decisions, the entire experience can be made less expensive and less stressful.

How Much Do You Already Know?

Learning about the different kinds of car insurance available can be overwhelming for a first-time buyer, especially if your budget allows for coverage beyond the minimum required liability insurance all drivers must carry. First-time buyers may also be surprised by the initial cost of their policy, but higher rates are simply the result of a higher risk factor. Teen drivers are the most likely demographic to be involved in a collision, so they typically pay more for the same amount of coverage. Saving money on California car insurance is as simple as lowering your risk factor; So, work with your teen to follow these six steps, and see how much your family can save!

1. Driver’s Ed is Always a Good Idea – Enrolling in a driver’s education course might be a requirement in your area, but no matter what your local laws are, it’s always a good idea to participate in a driver’s ed course. Many insurance providers offer discounts to drivers who pass these classes, and the information your teen can learn is a valuable tool in preventing future collisions.
2. Higher Grades, Lower Rates – Paying attention in class may not be directly linked to lower car insurance rates, but students who can maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher may qualify for a “good student discount”. Why? Because statistics show that students with better grades are better drivers!
3. Family and Multi-Vehicle Discounts – Adding your teen to your family’s existing auto insurance policy could save money, but there are benefits to teens carrying their own insurance as well. Check with your insurance company to see if your family could receive a discount for adding another vehicle to your existing policy.
4. Higher Deductibles, Lower Monthly Rates – Increasing your deductible will leave you with more financial responsibility for repair costs and medical bills in the event of a collision, but it’s a great way to lower your monthly bill if you’re adding an expensive, inexperienced teen driver to your policy.
5. Not All Cars are Insured the Same – The car your teen drives will impact their monthly rate. Drivers with sports cars are statistically riskier than drivers with minivans, and more safety features will protect your teen and your bank account.
6. Shop with Cost-U-Less Direct – Teen drivers are expensive to insure, but if you shop at Cost-U-Less Direct, we can work with you to find a policy that fits your budget without leaving your new driver unprotected.

We are dedicated to finding your family the right coverage for the right price, so call or click today and get started with a free car insurance quote.

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