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Low on Cash in California? Insurance Bundling Can Mean Significant Cost Savings

Even Californians like to pack their bags and get away for the occasional summer vacation. But how can you afford such a luxury when everything costs so much in this state? Once your bills are all paid, there’s very little left over for fun and games. 

One way to cut back without sacrificing quality is to adopt winning cost-savings strategies on your car insurance policy. Start by figuring out what you’re paying now for your coverage, and then see an expert. 

Why Should I Take Another Look at What I Pay for Car Insurance in California? 

Because you’re paying a lot for everything associated with owning and operating a vehicle in the Golden State. The proof is in the numbers. 

The latest research from Forbes Advisor found that California is tied with Nevada for the highest costs associated with car ownership. That’s considering factors such as the price of premiums, gasoline, repairs, and auto loans. 

With that high of a ranking, you’ve got to find any place you can save money on expenditures related to using an automobile, which is hard to avoid, even if you wanted to, in Los Angeles. That’s why we suggest taking a look at insurance bundling and other strategies to earn sharp discounts on auto and other lines of coverage in California. 

What Is Insurance Bundling? 

You probably have several forms of coverage — right? In addition to your car policy, you might have life, homeowners, or renters insurance in California. If you own your own company, you could have several lines of business coverage. 

That means you probably have at least one insurance company that is already a satisfactory coverage provider. They know you and have seen the value of doing business with you. Quite frankly, they’d like to sell you more. 

By “bundling” your car insurance with your life, homeowners, or other forms of coverage, your insurer might grant you discounts on not just your auto policy but possibly all your bundled plans. 

It’s at least worth asking about. Especially if you can use this bundling strategy to obtain a more budget-friendly auto policy in these inflationary times, even more so in a high-cost state like California. 

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Are There Other Ways to Save on Car Insurance in California? 

You betcha! There are several ways to trim costs if you know what you’re doing. For instance, do you have teen or young adult drivers who have their licenses or are about to get them? They can be particularly expensive to insure. The good news is that you might earn rate discounts based on their good grades. 

Coverage for younger drivers can be so outrageously high because they tend to drive faster, take more risks, pick up more speeding tickets, and get into more car accidents than older drivers. In short, they cost insurers more in settlement claims. 

But insurance underwriters have figured out that young drivers with good high school or college grades are more mature than others in their age bracket. They’re more responsible and less likely to get into trouble behind the wheel. What that means to you is that the next time you show off your kids’ report cards, it might be to earn you cost savings on the premiums you pay. 

Adding more budget-friendly auto insurance to your existing policy can also help. If you insure all of your family’s vehicles with the same insurer, you’ll likely be charged less per vehicle in premiums. It’s the same concept as buying anything in bulk: you earn valuable volume discounts. 

Want an even easier way to save money? Driving carefully and observing speed limits will always keep your policy costs low. Ditto if you never drive under the influence. Use a designated driver, take public transit, or call for a rideshare when you plan to have alcohol. 

The point is, if you don’t cost your insurance company much, they’ll return the favor. Encourage other drivers on your policy to be just as careful behind the wheel. You’ll see the advantage every time you pay your car insurance bills in California. 

Ask Your Independent Insurance Agent for Details 

The above represents just a few simple examples of the many ways you can use smart financial management strategies to cut costs and find budget-friendly auto insurance in California. 

Insurance is a complicated subject, though. That’s why another winning strategy is connecting with an independent agent who knows the business inside and out. 

Independent agents don’t work for just one insurer. Instead, they represent the product lines of multiple major carriers. As a result, your independent agent can shop around and find the best coverage deals that tailor-fit your needs. 

Your independent agent can also answer all your questions and present you with even more tips and suggestions for obtaining rate discounts on all your family’s lines of coverage. 

Then, you can contribute what you save toward taking that family vacation you’ve all dreamed about. 

Call Us for California Insurance Bundling Advice and Cost-Cutting Help 

Your automotive costs in California are already too high. We’re ranked at the very top of a list that Californians don’t exactly brag about. 

That’s why you need to contact your independent Cost-U-Less Insurance agent. Just call us at 800-390-4071 for affordable car insurance and free advice on strategies that can earn you significant cost savings on your coverage. You can also get a quick quote online or find a California office and agent near you

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