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Understanding Earthquake Insurance in California: What You Need to Know 

Many Californians have experienced the shake, rattle and roll that signifies an earthquake is happening. That may sound impossibly scary to outsiders, but to California residents, this is just a way of life. Even so, it’s important to consider if your home is protected in the event of a damaging seismic event.  

It’s possible to protect your home with great insurance, but unless you have earthquake coverage as part of your homeowners insurance, you never know when an act of God could destroy everything you’ve built up over the years. 

Such extra coverage can help protect your home, but not everybody necessarily needs it. Is it worth it for you and your home, though? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about earthquake insurance in California. 

Understanding Earthquake Coverage: What Your Home Insurance May Not Cover 

First, it’s important to answer the big question: What is earthquake insurance? In short, this is an additional rider that you can add to your existing homeowners coverage. As the name implies, this form of coverage offers additional protection in the event of an earthquake and will help pay for some of the damage and other losses caused by these events. 

Most homeowners policies, especially in California, do not offer any specific protections for earthquakes. That means if your home is damaged by one, you could be stuck footing the bill. With an extra rider, however, you wouldn’t have to worry. To get a better idea, check out what LA homeowners insurance typically does and doesn’t cover

The Importance of Earthquake Insurance in California 

Many carriers in various states offer earthquake insurance. However, California residents should consider this additional coverage for one major reason: the state experiences way more quakes than anywhere else! 

How many quakes are we talking about? Even though most of them are smaller, California gets more than 100 quakes each day. You never know when or where one will hit and how much damage it could cause, so it’s important to have the right protections in place. Keep in mind that they can also hit during the colder months, making preparing your home for winter in California that much more difficult. 

Is Earthquake Insurance Worth It? The Pros and Cons of Coverage 

Of course, there are pros and cons to getting earthquake insurance. The pros are pretty straightforward. If your home is damaged by a quake, this coverage can help pay for the repairs to both your house and your property. If your home is too damaged for you to live in after a quake, this rider will also often pay for your hotel stay, restaurant meals, and even pet boarding. 

The cons are equally straightforward. Depending on how much coverage you get, earthquake policies can cost thousands of dollars. Your coverage may also include high deductibles. However, adding a rider to your existing policy may be cheaper. 

A home in Palisades, California teetering on a cliff after an earthquake.

Breaking Down the Coverage: What Does Earthquake Insurance Cover? 

On the fence about getting earthquake insurance? In that case, it’s important to know exactly what is covered by this type of policy. 

The first thing such coverage pays for is damage to your home. Like other forms of coverage, an earthquake rider has its own deductible, but once you meet that deductible, it will pay to restore your damaged home up to policy limits. This coverage pays for structural repairs needed to restore your home to its former glory. Additionally, it pays to repair or replace personal property damaged by the quake. 

Fortunately for those who can’t inhabit their home after a quake, earthquake insurance often also covers the cost of staying in a hotel, paying for meals, and boarding pets. That means you have fewer things to worry about when recovering after a quake. Ask your independent agent how much coverage you can expect for the actual property you own, since some policies cover things like sinkholes and some do not. 

Earthquake insurance is similar to the special riders intended to help you prepare for this year’s California wildfires

Finding the Right Earthquake Insurance: Tips and Advice for Homeowners 

If you’re considering earthquake insurance, shop around. As with any other type of coverage, you’ll want to get multiple quotes before signing any contracts. This lets you research who can offer the best balance between an affordable premium and solid protection. 

You can get such quotes online, but you may also want to call or visit the carriers you are considering. This gives you a chance to better evaluate their friendliness and customer service. Trust us — both of those qualities will be very important after your family has survived an earthquake! 

Earthquake Insurance: A Peace of Mind Investment for Californians 

Now that you know more about earthquake insurance and why it’s so important, do you know where you can find the protection your home and family truly deserve? 

Here at Cost-U-Less Insurance, we are devoted to helping California families prepare for the unexpected. It’s time to give us a call at (800) 390-4071 or get a fast and free home and car insurance quote online. You can also find a Cost-U-Less office near you

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