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The Safety Features that Matter the Most

Choosing a great auto insurance plan is extremely important, but whether you’re buying new or used, your first concern should be the vehicle you buy. It’s a big investment, but to justify that investment, you’ll likely spend years driving that vehicle, and if you take care of it, it’ll take care of you. That’s why it’s so important to choose that vehicle very carefully, and while many features are left to personal preference, there’s one essential thing that every car you ever own should have: functioning, up-to-date safety systems.

The Basics

Driver fastening his seatbelt before driving a car
If you’re out used car shopping and you find a vehicle with no seat belts, you can probably start looking elsewhere. Features like seat belts and air bags might be a given in modern automobiles, but it’s still important to make sure they’re present and fully functional before signing anything. A lap and shoulder belt working together can stop you from colliding with your steering wheel, windshield, and dash.

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While you may not be able to personally check for the presence and functionality of air bags, it’s still important to make sure they’re working properly. There are multiple ways to perform an airbag check with the correct expertise, and your car dealer may be able to provide this service.

Air bags can soften the blow of high-speed collisions and prevent injury in a number of situations, but believe it or not, the effectiveness of your airbags comes down to how well your seat belts are working – time to give them a double check! Without the proper use of seat belts, airbags can actually contribute to injury, and if you’re not wearing a seat belt in a low-speed collision, your air bag may not need to be deployed, leaving nothing between your head and the dash.

Extra Credit


Making sure your vehicle has the bare essentials shouldn’t be the end of your search, and if you keep an eye out, you’ll almost definitely be able to find a vehicle that includes the best seat belts and air bags as well as some newer features. For instance, you’ll probably spot a vehicle or two with additional head injury prevention systems. Some vehicles go as far as to put special air bags in the roof of the car that deploy when the vehicle is overturned. It might also be worth your time to take a look at the headrest of your vehicle’s seat – many are designed to keep your head in place during a rear-end collision, meeting certain engineering standards to guarantee a certain level of durability.

Other features like all-wheel drive, traction control, and anti-lock brake systems don’t always advertise themselves as “safety features”, but can contribute to the overall handling and safety of your vehicle. Never pass up an opportunity to ask for more info!

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