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6 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Is the Perfect Time to Switch Healthcare Providers 

Normally, we associate Thanksgiving as a time of food, fellowship, and family. It’s a great time to relax and catch up with the ones you love. For a whole cornucopia of reasons, it’s also a great time to change up your California health insurance

Think we’re telling you tall tales like your uncle does between turkey bites? Keep reading to discover why Thanksgiving is the perfect time to switch healthcare providers! 

1. It Falls Perfectly Within California’s Open Enrollment Period 

The first reason that California residents should consider switching health coverage around Thanksgiving is also the most straightforward. Simply put, this holiday falls squarely within the state’s open enrollment period

In California, residents have between Nov. 1 and Jan. 31 to switch existing healthcare plans. Outside of those dates, you can only make a change to your current plan if you have a special, qualifying life event. If you start shopping around for coverage at the beginning of November, you can make the switch shortly before or after Thanksgiving, saving you the stress of waiting until the last minute. 

2. Your Current Doctors Will Know Whether They’ll Still Accept Your Plan 

One thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving is that you have health coverage for the holidays. But have you considered whether that coverage will still be useful to you this time next year? 

Keep in mind that it’s up to your doctors whether or not they will continue accepting your old plan next year. That’s the bad news; there is a chance that the doctors you trust will no longer accept your current insurance.  

The good news is by Thanksgiving, those doctors will know what providers they will accept in the coming year. With a single phone call, you can find out whether your current plan will still be good or if you need to make a change to your California healthcare plan. 

3. Upcoming Holidays Are a Reminder That You Could Save by Switching 

While some California residents switch their health insurance so they can stay with their current doctors, most end up changing providers for a simple reason: to save money. Maybe you want to switch to a higher deductible plan or sign up for an HSA. 

Obviously, saving money is always a good idea, but Thanksgiving is often the time when families start feeling the financial crunch of Christmas. When you start budgeting for the gifts you’ll get your children and others, it’s easy to start wishing you had more money at the end of each month. By switching providers before Thanksgiving, you can give yourself the best Christmas present: a lower premium! 

4. Time to Plan for the New Year 

You’ve probably started planning for the new year and once Thanksgiving rolls around, you may be already making big plans for next year. These big plans could include things like getting a new family car, sending the kids to college, or even buying a house. 

These big changes can be pretty expensive, and if you come down with a serious health condition, it could cut into your ability to afford everything. This helps underscore the importance of preventative care. Regular checkups and screenings can help your doctor diagnose a small issue before it becomes a big problem.  

By switching your plan now, you can save money on your monthly premiums while ensuring your doctors will still take your coverage, and that will ensure you have the money and good health needed to appreciate your upcoming plans. 

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5. A Chance to Get Recommendations from Family About Health Insurance 

Figuring out which California health plan is best for you doesn’t always feel like an easy process. While there are many ways to research various options, the best option is almost always to talk it over with the people you know and trust. 

Assuming that you get along well enough with most of them, Thanksgiving is the perfect time for any California resident to consult with their family members about the insurance providers that have treated them right. Not only will this give you a better idea of which insurance carriers you can trust, it shows your family how much you trust them when it comes to these big decisions. 

6. You’ll Know Whether Your Prescriptions Are Still Covered (or not) 

Earlier, we touched on one of the main reasons you would need to switch healthcare providers: one or more of your current doctors might decide to no longer accept your current provider. Even if your doctor still accepts your current coverage, though, there is another threat: Will your insurance still cover the prescriptions you need? 

If they don’t, your doctors should know what will or will not be covered by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. Therefore, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get a new provider; you can make sure all your medicine is covered and maybe even ring in the new year with some savings each month (and that’s something we can all raise a toast to). 

Get the Best California Health Insurance Coverage Today! 

Now you know why Thanksgiving is the perfect time to switch healthcare providers. But do you know who you can come to when it’s time to talk turkey? 

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