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Why Renter’s Insurance Is Perfect for Protecting Gifts While You Travel

What if Christmas for your family was ruined in a single moment? 

In this case, the danger isn’t coming from the Grinch or another evil force that doesn’t have the holiday spirit. Instead, the danger comes from not having renter’s insurance when you need it the most. 

Most California residents think that coverage will only protect personal items inside their homes. However, renter’s insurance can also protect your property when you’re on the go. While that’s helpful enough while you drive around towns like Sacramento and Los Angeles, it can be crucially important when you’re traveling for the holidays and wish to safeguard your family’s hand-picked gifts. 

Don’t believe it? Better buckle those presents up…we’re about to cover all the different ways that this coverage can protect your family’s gifts while you travel! 

Protection Beyond a Flimsy Suitcase 

When you’re transporting important gifts during the holidays, chances are that your primary form of travel protection is the humble suitcase. However, while a suitcase may be suitable for transporting your clothes or maybe some light paperwork, it’s often not enough to protect more sensitive items. 

Such items could get damaged as you lug the case into and out of hotels, and the suitcase itself could easily suffer major damage if you’re flying and it ends up getting mishandled by the airline. Fortunately, renters insurance will pay to replace anything that is damaged, meaning your family’s Christmas won’t be ruined because someone carelessly tossed your suitcase to the ground. 

Coverage Protects Gifts in Your Car from Thieves 

Part of what makes traveling scary is that you may spend a lot of time in unfamiliar areas, both in and out of California. That lack of familiarity might cause you to park in some of the more dangerous areas of town, and this could cause opportunistic thieves to steal the gifts out of your car (especially if they are easily resalable items like computers, phones, or tablets). 

Sadly, rental insurance isn’t going to magically transport your car to safety or render it completely inaccessible to thieves. But when you have this coverage in place, all it takes is a quick phone call to your carrier to replace those precious items. 

Replace Precious Gifts After a Car Crash 

If you’re worried about the gifts in your car when you’re traveling, you’re most likely to worry about the threat of theft or even vandalism. However, there’s another kind of human threat that you might not worry about until it’s too late, and that’s bad drivers on the road! 

While you might think California drivers are bad enough throughout the year, the roads get even more dangerous over the holidays. A car crash may put more than your life in danger; it could also damage or outright destroy all of your family’s gifts, especially if they are in the trunk and you are struck from behind. Car insurance won’t actually cover any damage to those wrapped presents, but protecting your gifts is as simple as getting that renter’s insurance you keep putting off. 

Holiday gifts in the trunk of a car with snow falling - renters insurance in California

Insurance Also Protects Gifts in Your Hotel Room from Theft 

Traveling for the holidays may mean checking into a hotel (or two, or three). While hotels make a big show of how secure they are, this isn’t always true. In addition to countless hotel employees having access to your room, it’s surprisingly easy for enterprising thieves to break in. If the room has an electronic lock, they may be able to override that lock with their smartphone (no actual “breaking” is required). 

Long story short? It’s far easier to lose everything you bought for your extended family in a hotel than most Californians could ever guess. And while you can’t always trust the hotel to keep your room safe, you can always trust your insurance carrier to pay for replacement presents as needed. 

Keeping Delicate Electronics Safe on the Go 

Pop quiz: what kinds of gifts are you getting for your children this year? Once upon a time, kids could keep themselves endlessly entertained with comic books and action figures. As those kids grow older, though, their preferred gifts become things like smartphones, laptops, video game systems, and so on. 

While those fancy electronics make for great gifts, ensuring their holiday safety while you travel can be difficult. An action figure or comic book won’t take much damage from falling to the floor, but a single tumble could utterly wreck an iPad or a laptop. Keep all these delicate electronics safer when you’re on the go by getting the renter’s insurance you deserve. 

Peace of Mind: The Perfect Gift for Yourself 

So far, we have been focusing on how this coverage can help you protect the gifts you’ve purchased for your family. However, it’s important to remember that by getting renter’s insurance, you’re also getting yourself one of the best gifts of all — peace of mind. 

Even if the chances are relatively low that your gifts get damaged while you travel, you may find yourself worrying about the possibility right up until your family is tearing open the wrapping. Why ruin the holidays for yourself with all that stress? Get the coverage you need today so you can enjoy the holidays just as much as your family! 

Get the Best Renter’s Insurance for the Holidays and Beyond 

Now you know how renter’s insurance can protect your family’s gifts while you travel. But do you know who offers the kind of coverage so good that even Santa Claus himself trusts it? 

Cost-U-Less helps California renters protect their property, both in the house and on the go. Ready to protect your gifts this holiday season and beyond? Call us at (800) 390-4071 or get a fast and free renter’s insurance quote online. You can also find a nearby office and visit us in person. 

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