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Staying inside? Try these 9 DIY Home Projects

Do-it-yourself home projects can be a great way to affordably update your home and make the most of items that would typically go to waste. If you are a crafty person, you may have a list of DIY home improvement ideas, but if you aren’t artistic, you might not know where to begin. Luckily, it may be easier than you think to get started! 

Due to the current lockdowns and social distancing policies related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), many Americans are looking for something to fill their time as long as they are healthy and safe. This could be a great time to get started on some home improvement plans. 

Below is a list of some beginner home improvement projects that you can get started today with supplies you can find around your home. 

1. Reuse old doors or cabinets 

Do you have old doors or cabinets in your basement? Give them a new life! A little paint on an old door can make it a unique and interesting headboard. An old cabinet can actually be repurposed to serve as a cheese board or serving tray.

2. Build your own furniture

Building a nightstand or side table might be easier than you think. Adding legs to an unused wooden crate can create a unique side table. If you have any old books or encyclopedias lying around, they could also be used to form the base of a new nightstand or end table. 

3. Don’t let fabric scraps go to waste

 There are lots of ways to use leftover pieces of fabric. For example, give a mirror a new look by wrapping the frame. You can cut up old sweaters to serve as new coasters. You can also use leftover fabric to create a custom runner for your stairs.    

 4. Redecorate using unexpected items

Want to give a dresser or chest a new look? Consider wrapping the drawers with uniquely printed wallpaper. If you want to create your own wall art, you can cover a large wooden frame with a fun shower curtain for a large mounted piece.  

5. Create a new way to organize your jewelry

 Instead of buying a jewelry organizer, there are lots of easy ways to create your own. Leftover wine corks can be painted and glued to a painted wooden board to serve as a necklace rack. A few eyelet screws can be added to a wooden coat hanger to make your own jewelry organizer. 

6. Upgrade your floors

man updating floors while staying inside

Want to modernize your floors? Consider using a stencil to create the look of patterned tiles in your bathroom. If you are worried about painting, you can also consider peel-and-stick vinyl flooring.      

7. Affordably renovate your kitchen

When it comes to DIY home projects, a great place to start is your kitchen because upgrades can be expensive. If you want to give your backsplash a new look, you can invest in affordable peel-and-stick tiles. The best part is they are removable, so you don’t have to commit to a look for the long-term. Another way to upgrade your kitchen is by painting your cabinets with a new fresh color. Do you have ugly, outdated appliances such as a dishwasher? Cover them up with vinyl wallpaper or contact paper.     

8. Give your chairs a new look

Did you know that reupholstering a chair is really easy? If you have a chair with removable seats and a staple gun, you can give your dining room or kitchen a refresh with a minimal amount of fabric. Just be sure to use upholstery weight material.    

9. Give yourself more space with a DIY ladder

A new design trend you may have seen is the use of a ladder to hang blankets, hats, plants, and more. If you have an old ladder that is not being used, give it a fresh coat of paint to give yourself some additional storage space. If you don’t have an extra ladder lying around, there are lots of tutorials online on how to build a decorative ladder on your own. 

Don’t risk your health by venturing out during these uncertain times. Stay home and stay busy with a few of these easy DIY projects for home renovation!  

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