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Fake Auto Policy
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Don’t Be a Victim of a Fake Auto Policy

It’s every driver’s nightmare that’s just been in an accident. You call your auto insurance company to report the accident and receive a recorded phone message, saying: ”This phone does not... Read more...
Driving DUI SR22 Insurance
Driving DUI, SR22 Insurance Filing

Getting a DUI is a Financial Wrecking Ball

If you need any more reasons not to drink and drive, consider this: A typical DUI costs about $10,000 even if you didn’t hit anything or hurt anybody. A Texas Department... Read more...
Google glass to raise car insurance rates
Auto Insurance, Auto Insurance News

Car Insurance Could Rise Because of Google Glass

Some say it’s less distracting than smartphones and can help drivers avoid hazards. Others believe it creates a false sense of security. Google Glass, a tiny computer screen attached to the... Read more...