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Make Your House a Home with These 10 DIY Household Fixes

The first time a storm pulls a branch into your home office, you’ll be thrilled to have home insurance, but sometimes, making your house feel more like a home isn’t about big repairs – it’s about the little things. That’s why we’ve assembled 10 DIY projects that you can do around the house in just a few minutes – usually for little to no cash.

1. The Squeaky Door Gets WD-40

WD-40 is infinitely useful around the garage, but you might be surprised by how useful it is around the house. Simply apply to squeaky hinges, give the door a few swings, and the squeak should be completely gone. If that doesn’t work, lifting the hinge pins and applying some three-in-one lubricant to the inside of the hinge should do the trick!

2. Squeaky Floor No More

Talcum powder can cushion the moving parts that cause a squeaky floor. Simply sprinkle talcum onto the problem area and start sweeping it into the cracks.

3. Paste Down Peeling Wallpaper in Seconds

With nothing but wallpaper paste, paper, and a butter knife, you can stop peeling wallpaper in its tracks. Just apply the glue to the sheet of paper with a butter knife, rub it onto the back of the peeling wallpaper, press down, and remove the paper.

4. Reverse the Natural Aging of Caning

By simply applying warm water to a dropping caning chair and letting it dry overnight, you can tighten the fibers up and reduce the natural wear of age.

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5. Gloves Make Cleaning Your Chandelier a Breeze

Dampen one cotton glove with an appropriate cleaning solution and leave the other dry and clean your chandelier by simply wiping each prism with the treated glove, then the dry.

6. Tartar Your Tub’s Stains Away

Equal parts baking soda and cream of tartar can be combined with a little lemon juice to create a powerful stain remover for your tub. Just apply, wait 30 minutes, and rinse clean for great results.

7. Spray Your Stuck Windows Open

Whether your sliding doors and windows have metal, wood, or plastic tracks, the application of a little silicone spray lubricant can make them slide a little easier. Just apply to a cloth then wipe along tracks to alleviate stubborn sliding doors and windows.

8. WD-40 for Removing Stickers?

Hard-to-remove decals making your tub look like a mess? Simply spray them with WD-40 and scrape away with the edge of a credit card – the decal and all residue should come right off.

9. Quiet Slamming Doors with Rubber and Foam

If you like to keep your windows open, you’ve probably accidentally slammed a door or two. The change in air pressure eliminates the natural cushion that quiets the closing of doors, but you can achieve that same quiet with a strip of foam. Simply glue it to the door stop, or wrap a thick rubber band around both doorknobs.

10. Never Tangle Extension Cords Again

By storing extension cords, hoses, and ropes in buckets and barrels, you can prevent knots and damage to easily tangled household items.

What are your favorite DIY household fixes? Let us know in the comments section below, and call or click Cost-U-Less Direct today for more information on how to save big on a great homeowner’s insurance policy.

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