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How to Make Your Car More Fuel Efficient

Between auto insurance, repairs, and fuel, driving is one of the most expensive necessities out there, and for many, it truly is a necessity. From commuting to safely transporting your family, it’s easy to see why our cars are our favorite way to get around, but there’s no reason to pay more when you could be saving. Saving on car insurance is as simple as calling Cost-U-Less, but saving on gas is almost as easy – just follow these tips to optimize your car’s ability to conserve fuel and save you money.

Adjusting Your Vehicle

A well-maintained vehicle is a fuel-efficient vehicle in many cases, and one of many ways to reduce your fuel consumption lies in simply keeping your tires properly inflated. Check your tires weekly, and know that they lose about 1 PSI of pressure each month. Adding and releasing air will make it easy to keep your tires inflated to their optimal inflation, reducing fuel consumption by up to 3%. Keeping your own pressure gauge is a good idea – public gauges could be tampered with or simply inaccurate. Also know that the recommended PSI on the wheel is for brand-new tires. If you’ve been driving on your current tires for a month or two, an additional 1-3 PSI may be needed.

It may also help to have your engine tuned up properly, but it’s important to tune it for efficiency. If tuning for performance, some efficiency features may be disabled. Making sure your air filter is clean, replacing the fuel filter when directed, and reducing your vehicle’s weight by removing heavy cargo will all drastically improve your vehicle’s efficiency.

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Developing New Habits

Old habits can be difficult to drop, but with just a few changes to how and when you fuel, cruise, and brake, you could be saving big. Filling up your gas tank to the top, for instance, adds additional weight to your vehicle, lowering its fuel efficiency. Of course, keeping your fuel levels too low can damage your vehicle. So where’s the sweet spot? Between half and one-quarter full.

A single gallon of gas adds 6 pounds to your vehicle’s weight, so only fill it up to half, and only run it down to a quarter. Even the kind of fuel you use can make an impact – fuels that contain more ethanol are often cheaper, but they also burn faster. Compare mileage between brands of fuel to see who gives you the most for your money.

Use cruise control whenever you can, don’t tailgate, and accelerate smoothly – not only are these safe driving tips, but they can also lower your fuel consumption!

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