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Holiday Parking Lot Accidents to Avoid in California 

What if you weren’t even naughty but Santa brought you a huge dent in your car? 

When we drive around the great state of California, we count on our auto insurance to keep us safe. However, it’s always best to avoid filing a claim by not getting into accidents in the first place. Unfortunately, there are certain times of the year when that is easier said than done. 

For example, holiday shopping in California has gotten so busy that even getting into or out of the parking lot is more dangerous than ever. It doesn’t have to be, though. Keep reading to discover our top tips for helping you avoid holiday accidents in the parking lot! 

Drivers Competing for Parking Spots 

You’ve probably noticed that all those teenage lessons in California driving safety seem to fly out of drivers’ minds during the holiday season. It’s typically because those drivers are focused on one primary goal— getting the hottest new gifts for their friends and family. 

Because of this, you need to be wary of drivers aggressively competing for the best parking spots. Unless you want to put your collision coverage to the test, we recommend you park somewhere further out where you are less likely to deal with competitive parkers. As an added bonus, parking farther away can help you get some extra steps in ahead of your next big holiday meal. 

Distracted Shoppers Leaving the Store 

In some cases, California residents don’t even have to be behind the wheel to pose a danger to other drivers. The best example of this is when shoppers are leaving a crowded store. Between the cooler weather, screaming children, and Salvation Army bell-ringers, shoppers are more likely than ever to be distracted when exiting. 

If you’re not careful, these shoppers could wander in front of your car. This could force you to use your liability insurance, and the shopper is unlikely to pay because it will be very difficult to prove they are the one at fault. To avoid insurance hassles and even legal hassles, we recommend you drive through the parking lot assuming that anyone can (and likely will) walk in front of you at any time. 

Hurried Drivers Backing Up Without Looking 

All those distractions don’t magically disappear once California drivers get behind the wheel. In fact, when you throw in the possibility of getting distracted by a notification from their smartphone, these drivers are likelier to be more distracted than ever. Because of this, you need to be especially wary of drivers backing up in the parking lot without looking. 

Sadly, you can’t control what other drivers do, and that means you can’t keep someone from carelessly backing up without so much as a glance at their rearview mirror or rear-facing camera. But as long as you treat every car with a driver in it as a potential source of a nasty car accident, you can (slowly but surely) avoid damaging your own vehicle. 

Shopping carts pose a danger to your car in the parking lot - cheap car insurance in California

Careless Shoppers with Shopping Carts 

Any given California parking lot can feel like a battlefield during the holiday shopping frenzy. Our final tip for staying safe is to keep an eye out for any shopping carts outside of the buggy return area. In a customer’s hands, a shopping cart may be a weapon used to accidentally damage your car. Outside of a customer’s hands, shopping carts may be left scattered across the parking lot like landmines. 

Once again, your best defense is basic awareness. When you know that each cart could be a source of unexpected danger, then you’re less likely to be taken by surprise. For many California shoppers, this is an easy lesson to learn since people often cause mayhem with these carts inside the store. It’s no surprise, then, to discover these shoppers and their carts may be even more dangerous outside the store. 

Keep Your Car and Yourself Safe This Holiday Season with Affordable Auto Insurance in California 

Now you know the top tips for avoiding unwanted holiday parking lot accidents. But do you know who is ready to treat you and your car like you’ve been nice (and never naughty) all year long? 

Cost-U-Less helps California drivers just like yourself get the coverage they need to stay safe in the parking lot and beyond. Ready to gift your car with the protection it deserves? Call Cost-U-Less at (800) 390-4071 or get a fast and free automobile insurance quote online. You can also find a nearby office and visit in person. 

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