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Fast and Easy Ways to Connect Cars and Smartphones

Between auto insurance, gas, maintenance, and parking, you spend quite a bit of money on your car; and if you’re one of the millions of Americans who commute, you probably spend plenty of time behind the wheel too. Smart drivers will have their phones put away while on the road, but more tech-savvy drivers don’t just pocket their phones – they plug them in, connect them wirelessly, or otherwise synchronize them to their vehicles, opening up a world of possibilities, bringing navigation, streaming media, and more to the dash.

Many vehicles ship with these capabilities built-in, but if you drive an older vehicle or you’re just looking for new ways to interact, there are a few quick-and-easy ways to better integrate your smartphone into your car.

A Safe Place to Sit and Relax

Universal mount holder for smart phones on Car interior

If you’re going to start using your phone to enhance your driving experience, you’re going to need a safe place to mount it. You don’t want your phone moving around freely in your vehicle – it’s a safety hazard, and it can make it extremely difficult to focus on the phone for navigation. The typical cell phone mount consists of an arm, an adhesive or suction base, and a grip for your phone. Simply choose one that fits your phone and your budget and find a suitable place to safely mount it.

Now that your phone is accessible, safe, and easy to see, let’s plug it in! Charging your phone in your vehicle is as simple as buying a compatible car charger, but many prefer a simple USB hub for their car’s power outlet. This allows you to charge any USB-compatible device from phones to tablets and more.

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Know Your Audio Options


Pumping the music from your phone’s hard drive or streaming services is easy, and can be accomplished in a few different ways depending on your current setup. Does your car have an AUX port? If so, all you need is a 1/8” audio cable and you can plug almost anything into your car’s sound system. If you have a tape player in your car, a similar tape-to-cable converter can be purchased that will allow you to connect most devices through your car’s existing tape player.

If you don’t have either of those, you do still have one thing: options. Replacing your radio unit with a newer, more capable one can be inexpensive and easy, and it can open up a lot of possibilities depending on your budget. Current radio units usually feature AUX ports for wired input, but many also feature wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

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