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Ducati Unveils Not One but Four Stylish New Motorcycles

Ducati, manufacturers of some of the worlds most coveted motorcycles, characterized by their high-capacity four-stroke engines, have never been boring, but most recently, they’ve decided to start unveiling new additions to their legacy of fine two-wheeled vehicles at an astounding rate. Instead of unveiling their groundbreaking new vehicles one-at-a-time, they’ve decided to roll out four simultaneously, each more finely crafted and visually striking than the last. Any one of these is easily worth the best motorcycle insurance money can buy.

Each has its own flavor and appeal, but so far, the Ducati Scrambler Icon has been at the center of the line’s public image. It has the feel of a modern, urban motorcycle that has mass appeal, but enthusiasts are focusing more on the three other models sharing the spotlight. The Icon is characterized by an air-cooled L-twin engine, high-quality Pirelli tires, a striking, timeless design that blends modern angles with classic curves, and interchangeable aluminum panels.

Enthusiasts looking for a vehicle with a more classic tone to it gravitate towards the Scrambler Classic, whose name comes from its design alone. There’s nothing vintage about the state-of-the-art technology you’ll find under the classic seat, retro splashes of color, metal mudguards, and thick, bold architecture.

The Scrambler Full Throttle is designed for racing enthusiasts, and it only takes a glance to fall in love with its slick colors and sturdy framework. While not a racing bike itself, it’s made to be aesthetically pleasing to those who spend their time at the track. This is a bike you can take out on the roads between races. 18 and 17 inch front and back wheels give it a determined stance while lower handlebars emphasize the feeling of speed and put you in control. Termignoni mufflers and shorter mudguards finish off the design strong.

Maybe you prefer taking your bike off-road, or maybe you simply prefer a sturdier, military look. While still packing the same engine, the Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro model certainly appeals to a more rugged rider. Complete with skid plates, spoked wheels, and off-road handlebars, this piece definitely has the capacity to leave the pavement behind now and then. It looks fantastic as well, with a ribbed set, higher mudguards, and Pirelli dual sport tires.

After taking a look at all of these, it’s hard not to start shopping for motorcycle insurance right now, but before you start gathering motorcycle insurance quotes, take a look at the price tags on these new Ducatis, because what you see will surprise you if you were expecting some huge investment. You can pin down one of the standard Ducati Scrambler Icons for only $8,595, and if you’d rather upgrade to the Classic, Full Throttle, or Urban Enduro, you’ll still make it in under $10,000 – the more expensive models start at just $9,995. These surprisingly inexpensive motorcycles make no compromise and don’t cost an arm and a leg, so they’ll certainly appeal to enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Have you been looking for your latest ride? Are you a motorcycle enthusiast, and do these bikes appeal to you? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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