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Do I Need to Fix the Crack in My Windshield? How To Determine if It’s Repairable or Needs Replacing 

What if a tiny car problem turned into an expensive issue faster than you can blink?

Every day, California drivers discover that they have a crack in their windshields. Most of those drivers don’t want to make an auto insurance claim if they can avoid it, so they find themselves asking fundamental questions, including “Do I need to fix the crack in my windshield?” 

It’s a tricky situation. If you wait too long, the entire windshield could be ruined. But if you fix it for no reason, you may feel like you are wasting time and money. Wondering if you have to repair or replace a cracked windshield? Keep reading to discover the answer! 

Common Types of Windshield Damage 

As you might imagine, whether or not you need to make windshield repairs often depends on the kind of damage your vehicle has sustained. Generally, damage to windshields can be broken into two categories: chips and cracks. 

A chipped windshield means that a piece of the glass has come out. Generally, chips are easy to repair if they are small (one-inch diameter or less). Cracks have specialized names to describe their shape (such as bullseye and star break), but they all have something in common: As a general rule, it’s easy to repair a crack if it is no bigger than a quarter. 

Can You Fix a Crack in Your Windshield? 

With any luck, you’ll be able to easily repair a crack without having to replace the windshield altogether. However, many California drivers think to themselves that because the crack is so small, they don’t necessarily have to replace it. However, this logic can be dangerous and might put you and other drivers in serious peril. 

The biggest danger of small windshield cracks or chips is that they will get larger over time, potentially turning a cheap fix into a costly repair. Additionally, you may get a traffic ticket because California state law prohibits driving with a damaged windshield. Finally, driving this way can put your life in danger. The windshield plays a major role in keeping you safe during a crash and is among the safety features that matter the most. A damaged windshield could put you at enhanced risk in the event of a major collision. 

Technician hands replacing or repairing a cracked windshield.

Decoding the Type and Size of the Damage 

Using the information about crack and chip sizes above, you may be able to personally determine whether the windshield can be repaired or will have to be replaced. In most cases, a professional will be able to fully diagnose the problem at little or no cost. Keep in mind that certain kinds of cracks typically can’t be repaired without replacing the whole windshield (including stained cracks and cracks that directly block the driver’s view). 

Even after you decide to repair or replace the windshield, you may need to drive your vehicle before the problem is fixed. In that case, be sure to cover the damaged area with clear tape. You can reduce the odds of the crack getting worse by keeping your car out of sunlight and avoiding the use of the air conditioner or defroster. That’s because changes in temperature can easily damage weakened glass. 

Remember, regular car care maintenance can help identify any issues before they cause problems or become a bigger problem. 

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