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4 Tips for Fire Pit Safety This Summer

Having a backyard fire pit is a great way to enjoy time outdoors, but be sure to play it safe by updating your homeowners insurance. The following safety tips can protect your home and family from potential fire hazards.

Maintain Your Yard
The easiest way to protect your home from an accidental fire is to maintain the landscaping around your fire pit. Place cement or flagstone around it to catch errant embers. Also, check for dried plants or overhanging trees that might catch on fire, and keep a functioning hose nearby, so you’ll be ready to put out any small fires that might flare up. By keeping your yard clear of any potential fire hazards on a regular basis, you won’t have to do yard work every time you want to enjoy a fire.

Invest in Fire Pit Safety Features
A fire pit isn’t something that you should purchase without doing some research. Carefully weigh different options and be prepared to spend a little extra for safety features. The two most important things to look for in a fire pit involve keeping down flames and preventing sparks from becoming unruly. This is especially important if you live in an area where California breezes can pick up in the evening. Fire pits that are more of a bowl or a chimney style will still show off a roaring fire, but flames will be enclosed on all sides. Screens that cover open, lit fires won’t hinder your warmth or your view.

Watch the Weather
Sometimes the weather might prevent you from being able to use your fire pit. For example, you should refrain from using fire pits and even charcoal grills on extremely dry days or during a drought. Strong winds in the evening could become too intense to enjoy your fire pit, so you may want to wait for a better evening. In California, there are “No Burn Days” that should be observed as well. These are designed to keep smog down and limit spreading accidental fires during dryer months.

Keep the Party Under Control
While having a backyard that is set up for outdoor parties can be fun, you shouldn’t let things get too rowdy if fire is involved. Don’t drink while manning your fire pit since this might cause distractions or additional hazards. If you have children or families over, always keep an eye on kids because fire can be fascinating to them. The best way to protect them and your home is to continually monitor your fire pit.

Balmy evenings in California can be a great opportunity for families to enjoy the outdoors in style with a fire pit. And while this can be fun, safety must be taken into account. Be sure to buy appropriate California homeowners insurance to protect your home from inadvertent fires. By lowering your overall fire risk, you should be able to relax around your backyard fire pit with family and friends. Getting your yard ready for a fire pit and checking that your home is protected with up-to-date homeowners insurance will keep your property safe.

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