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10 Simple Upgrades to a Better, Faster, Stronger Car

If your car isn’t in great condition, it could impact your auto insurance rates, but many car owners are under the impression that upgrading your vehicle is too complex for the average driver. Today, we’re going to be sharing our favorite easy upgrades, so buckle in and get ready to dive into the world of tuning up your vehicle.


1. “Add Lightness” to your Vehicle

If you’ve been piling things into your car over time, you’ve likely noticed a decline in your vehicle’s performance. “Add lightness” by removing excess cargo, and you could improve performance, handling, and efficiency.

motor oil in a car

2. Premium Oil Isn’t Just for Show

Experimenting with different types of motor oil could improve the short- and long-term performance on your vehicle. Many older vehicles don’t play nice with synthetic oils, but in most modern vehicles, it’s a step in the right direction.

car suspension

3. Polyurethane is a Must

More recent vehicle may already carry polyurethane bushings, but in many older vehicles, adding them can make a huge difference in the way your vehicle handles. Focus on your suspension and sway bars, and if that works out, consider moving on to your engine mounts.

rusty spark plugs

4. Replace Everything On Time

Replacing your oil, transmission fluid, air filter, oil filter, and spark plugs should be done regularly, as recommended in your vehicle’s manual. Don’t fall behind on this easy and crucial maintenance!

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Car stereo

5. Upgrade your Stereo with an AUX Input

Listening to music on your favorite device is a great diversion, but when you’re on the road, you probably won’t want to have earbuds in. Installing an auxiliary input or upgrading your head unit can allow you to plug anything with a headphone jack right into your car’s stereo.

motor vehicle under the hood

6. Get Your Hands on a Strut Tower Brace Kit

Installing a strut tower under your hood will make an immediate difference in the way your vehicle handles. While this might sound more complicated, kits are available that make the process a breeze. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even make one yourself out of steel.

take care of your tires


7. Take Care of Your Tires!

Keeping your tires sufficiently inflated is the easiest way to increase your gas mileage in a matter of seconds, and buying good tires is worth every penny. Better wheels hold onto the road better, making them safer and more capable of high-performance tasks.

Alloy car wheels- car rims


8. Rims are More than Just Pretty Chrome

Choosing a set of rims will often come down to personal preference, but there’s still a good reason to choose carefully: lighter rims perform better and could contribute to better braking and gas mileage.

new exhaust pipes on a car


9. Improve Airflow with a Better Exhaust

Upgrading your exhaust pipes could have a profound effect on the way your vehicle performs, handles, and sounds. Just be sure to pick something with a sound you can live with – nothing’s worse than turning your car into an obnoxious noisemaker.

new shock absorbers in a car

10. Better Shocks = Better Ride

A nice, capable set of shock absorbers can turn a terrible, bumpy car ride into an effortless glide across the pavement. Shocks can get expensive, but the right set can completely transform the way your car handles.

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