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4 Renters Insurance Myths

Updated on 09/04/2020

How much is renters insurance worth to you? That can be a difficult question for someone who isn’t familiar with that type of coverage. But did you know that a renters insurance policy can protect your personal belongings, even if they’re not in your home? Here’s everything you need to know to get a clear picture of how a good renter’s insurance policy can save you money.

Myth 1: Only People With a Lot of Belongings Need Coverage

Every rental property is susceptible to the same dangers. Fire, theft, and water damage can create unexpected severe expenses. Even if you don’t have many physical belongings to lose, it’s essential to consider their sentimental and monetary value. 

Take inventory—you might be surprised by how much you have to lose. Don’t forget about household appliances and electronic devices like tablets, phones, and computers.

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Myth 2: My Landlord is Responsible for Damages

Your landlord is the legal owner of the building you’re renting out. Still, he’s not legally responsible for any of your belongings. Typically, a landlord’s insurance policy holds only protects the building itself. 

If your landlord provides household appliances, they may not be responsible for damages caused by these appliances. In other words, if your apartment has a leaky pipe and all of your belongings are soaked, you’ll be happy you purchased renters insurance.

Myth 3: Only my Belongings are Covered

Let’s say there’s a flood caused by an overflowing bathtub you accidentally left running. If you’re on a second floor, your downstairs neighbor might have some expenses too. Luckily, renters insurance covers damages like this up to your liability limit. Otherwise, you’d be responsible for any water damages you caused to another tenant’s apartment. 

Renters insurance also covers medical and legal expenses for incidents inside your home. So if a friend trips and needs a trip to the hospital, you won’t have to pay for their expenses out-of-pocket.

Myth 4: I Can’t Afford Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is typically only a fraction of the cost of a car insurance policy. It can provide many of the same protections and benefits. Adding renter’s insurance to an existing insurance package can save you even more money. If you’re interested in paying less for a great renters insurance policy, you’re in luck.

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