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Uber Drivers Also Rate Their Passengers

Five years ago this month, the ride-sharing company Uber launched its first service in San Francisco and the rest, as they say, is history. While passengers in 58 countries may think it’s all about rating the driver, many Uber customers are unaware they, too, are being judged by their driver. Those who use the service do so for a myriad of reasons, least of which being the price of auto insurance.

The ratings used by Uber cover both drivers and passengers alike and are based on the ride experience, similar to the one its competitor Lyft uses. The purpose of the rating system is to make sure that the most respectful riders and drivers utilize Uber. And, ratings are always reported as averages, with neither individual seeing the score left for a particular trip.

Below are several suggestions to ride Uber like a pro:

  1. Checking your rating

If you really want to know how you rate as a passenger, it’s fairly easy to find out. Just email customer service or access the Uber website and the page “How do ratings work?” with the “submit” button. Within a few minutes, you’ll receive an email from Uber Support with your average rating on a scale of 1 to 5. Apparently, not everyone can claim to have gotten a “5”.

  1. Checking your driver’s rating

As an Uber user, you can only see a driver’s rating once the driver has accepted your ride request. It appears next to his or her photo at the bottom of the app.

  1. Follow the golden rule

Always treat your driver and their car like you and your own personal property would like to be treated. When it comes to activities such as smoking, eating and drinking, try to wait until you have reached your destination.

  1. Don’t be unsafe

This goes both ways. While Uber drivers have been deactivated for “consistently poor ratings”, riders can also face disciplinary action by being given a temporary cooling off period or barred completely from using the app for inappropriate or unsafe behavior.

Uber takes this feedback seriously. Depending on the situation, feedback from a rider could lead to the deactivating of a driver partner from the system – or serve as proof that the driver is representing the company well by providing consistently great service.

  1. Be sure your pin is dropped in the right place

Double check that your location is pinned accurately. Better yet, enter your pickup address to the app to save time. By entering your destination ahead of time, it’ll make everyone’s life a lot easier. And, just so you know – drivers can’t see your destination before accepting your request.

  1. Use common sense

Because most Uber cars can only fit four passengers, don’t try to cram more than four people into a car. If you require more space for people or luggage, simply request uberXL or uberSUV, which are equipped to fit up to six riders and make for a more comfortable ride.

  1. Be ready

This goes without saying. Driver-partners make every attempt to pick you up in under 10 minutes. Return the favor by being ready to hop into your Uber ride when it gets there. If you happen to be running a few minutes late, be courteous enough to call or text your driver using Uber’s in-app feature. In addition, should you be running late to your destination, don’t push your driver to break traffic laws by speeding or making illegal U-turns, etc.

  1. Be friendly – introduce yourself

Begin by confirming your first name with the driver and ask the driver to do the same. It makes for a smoother beginning and ride.

If you’re a frequent Uber user, you probably already know what it takes to have a pleasant experience, but if you’re new to the ride service, the above information may be valuable to you.

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