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Life Hacks for Car Maintenance and Comfort

If you’re driving a reliable car and your auto insurance situation is taken care of, you might feel like you have the whole package, but when you buy a new house, you don’t just live in it – you make it your own!

It’s important to keep your car as clutter-free as possible, but believe it or not, you can alleviate that clutter with just a few important items, most of which can be found at the dollar store. That’s right, folks, today we’re taking a look at the best DIY ways to make your car more organized and comfortable.


Essential elements in any car. Bulbs, fluids and battery!

Car Maintenance Kit

If you don’t already have your car maintenance kit put together, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to stock up on the essentials. Things like oil, antifreeze, and other car-related fluids are important to have in the car at all times in case of emergency or mechanical failure, but since most cars don’t have a compartment for these essentials, they’re often left to bang around in the trunk until needed. Hopefully, they won’t bust open at any point, but that’s not a guarantee. Grab any old shower tote and toss it in your trunk for a sturdy, easy-to-carry way to organize the essentials.


Round box of Organic Full Circle Quick Oats against a white background. This cereal is distributed by Topco Associates LLC.

Kids prone to car sickness?

Take an oatmeal tin or any tall, sealable container, cut a hole in the lid, and fill it with plastic bags. Now you have a small, organized source of vomit-catchers that can be grabbed and re-grabbed as easily as tissue out of a box. Until car insurance covers kid messes, you can never have enough mess-prevention.


Hanging Container on White Background

Extra Storage

Of course, your car is full of other opportunities to add a little extra storage space. TV remote holders are typically designed to hang off of a couch or lazy chair, but putting one in your car makes room for cleaning supplies, electronics, maps, or music. Suction cup shower organizers can similarly be re-purposed as handy window caddies.


Sketching Pads

Of course, it doesn’t have to stop there. Try turning a DVD case into a self-contained sketching and coloring pad – just remove the contents, slip some paper into the left side and store some drawing utensils on the right.


Do this if you have pets. . .
Prone to bringing your pets along for the ride, but sick of dealing with the messes they leave behind? Keeping a thick blanket in the floor of the backseat gives you a quick-and-easy way to cover up your seats when needed.


Important Documents

Losing track of when your vehicle needs maintenance? Keep your maintenance schedule, license, and registration in a small organizer or binder to save space, prevent damage, and ease the stress of finding this information when needed.


These are all handy ways to spruce up the interior of your car, but remember, the best “life hack” you can get for your car is a reliable insurance policy. No amount of caution can place even a cheap car insurance plan, so don’t let yourself go without it. For help when you need it, nothing beats a good auto insurance policy.

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