Have Trouble Remembering Where You Parked Your Car? Try These Tips

Smartphones and computers store vital information that we need, so we don’t have to, but this leaves our minds inactive and our memory diminished. You may find yourself forgetting where you parked in large lots such as airports or parking garages, and your car insurance may not cover extreme bouts of memory loss if you lose your car. Help enhance your memory with apps, memory tests, diet and exercise.

Google to the Rescue
Did you know that technology, particularly Google, can help you find your car? Google Search 3.4 will track it. You can find this version by scrolling to the bottom of the main menu.
The app Google Now tracks your location as you drive and will save your parking location on the GPS map. Bear in mind that such apps are not always precise, and you may get poor reception in parking garages.

Memory Enhancement
Google apps help immensely, but you could also make a mental map of a location. Such an exercise helps you remember where you parked your car, and it helps you recall other tidbits of information, such as where to obtain the best low cost insurance plans on the market. Start by identifying unique attributes of your location. For example, perhaps you parked in section D of a parking lot. Memorize that letter to pinpoint your location and look for things that stand out, such as a piece of pink chewing gum adhered to a light pole next to your vehicle.

Memory Exercises
Brain exercises can be done throughout the day. Instead of using computerized brain exercises, which do little to enhance memory, you can make a list of grocery items and try to remember as many items as possible an hour later. This jogs your memory while stimulating your mind. Alternatively, you could look for word games that help your brain learn something new on a casual basis.

Sedentary activities, such as watching television, are detrimental to your brain health over time and can prevent you from remembering everyday information, such as remembering to update your auto insurance policy. Engage in as many activities as possible to keep the mind and body alert. There are many things to see and do in California, so get out and about on the weekend or visit a city that you’ve always wanted to see.

You can also improve your memory through other activities, such as socializing, getting enough sleep, and staying organized.

Exercise and Diet
A healthy lifestyle is a cheap alternative if you don’t have the time or the money to travel. Exercise improves cardiovascular health and protects brain tissue, boosting memory skills. Certain fruits and vegetables promote brain health, and supplements, such as ginkgo biloba, can enhance memory function.

Do I Need to Upgrade My Insurance?
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