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Car Insurance That Matches Your Modesto Lifestyle

If you live in Modesto, CA., or anywhere else in the San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland Combined Statistical Area (CSA), you know about traffic congestion. If you’re a Modesto motorist, you might hit those crowded streets and highways frequently. That’s just part of your lifestyle. And it’s why, at Cost U Less Insurance, we might recommend that you consider full coverage auto insurance

But first, we need to open up the topic a bit and explain your options in coverage as a Modesto driver. Then we’ll let you decide and help you buy the coverage that’s right for your family, your wallet, and the way you live in Modesto. 

Your Options in Auto Insurance 

Perhaps the easiest way to distinguish your options as a Modesto driver of passenger vehicles is to focus on liability versus full coverage

The State of California says that all drivers must carry at least minimum auto insurance coverage. The state further defines minimum coverage as liability insurance, which is coverage that covers parties other than the policyholder. In other words, it won’t pay for damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident for which you’re held responsible, but it will cover others. 

Minimum liability coverage in California includes

  • $15,000 maximum for the injury or death of one person 
  • $30,000 maximum for the injury or death of more than one person 
  • $5,000 maximum for property damage 

This is known by the insurance industry as 15/30/5 coverage. 

As mentioned, this coverage offers a degree of financial support for other parties in case of a car accident for which you were at fault. However, if you sustain thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle during this accident or other incident, your liability coverage insurance won’t pay a penny. You might not have dependable transportation to work, school, or other commitments. 

This is why it’s probably best to choose full insurance options that include collision and comprehensive coverage. Here’s a brief explanation of both benefits. 

Collision — This is pretty much just what it sounds like. It pays for the damage to your vehicle caused by collisions with other vehicles or with such inanimate objects as buildings or trees. If such damage occurs, your insurance company will pay up to your coverage limits. 

Comprehensive — This benefit covers just about every other way your car could be lost, damaged, or destroyed other than by collision. This might include theft, vandalism, fire or flood. You’ll also receive a settlement through your comprehensive benefit if your car hits an animal, such as a deer. 

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Get Full Coverage Car Insurance…Maybe 

In our brief review of the two basic types of coverage, you can probably see that liability coverage–the minimum requirements in California–should be the most affordable. And it is. This cheap car insurance offers just barebones benefits, but that’s the object. When you pay less, you get less. But you save money. Right? 

However, the traffic congestion in Modesto and throughout the San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland CSA can be a huge hit (no pun intended) to your bottom line. That’s because the more traffic there is on the road, the higher the risk of a car accident. Even low-speed fender benders can dent the wallet far worse than your car. 

However, that doesn’t mean that full coverage insurance is the right decision for every Modesto driver. Read on. 

Minimum Coverage Makes its Case 

There’s a reason we said that full coverage is maybe your best car insurance option. That’s because while the more comprehensive plan is often worth the extra cost, there are other times when it might not be of value to you. We can think of at least two good reasons: 

  • You can’t afford it 
  • Your car’s not worth it 

Let’s break down both of those possible reasons to turn down full coverage. 

There are many products and services that you know you should buy, but the cost is simply beyond what you can afford at this time. No matter how wise an investment it might be, you just don’t have the money. That might be the case with full coverage insurance when liability can, in some cases, cost 64 percent less than full coverage. That’s a big difference. 

As for your car, ask yourself what it’s worth on the market. If you figure you could only sell it for $2,000 or less, why would you buy a full coverage insurance policy on it? When you consider the cost of your premiums for the more expensive plan and after paying a deductible that might be $1,000, you might quickly pay more money out of pocket than what your old vehicle is even worth. In this case, buying a minimum coverage plan might make a lot more financial sense. 

However, before you make a final decision, you owe it to yourself to ask your independent insurance agent about the differences between the two types of coverage options, including cost. 

Consider Your Deductible 

While comparing costs, be sure to have your insurance agent give you a cost quote based on various deductible levels. Your deductible is the dollar amount that you’ll have to pay before your insurance coverage will pay for your accident or another claim. Whether you buy a liability or full coverage policy, assuming a higher deductible can save you money in premiums. 

Low-Cost Insurance Options in Modesto, CA  

You have a lot of insurance coverage options as a Modesto driver. At Cost U Less, we start our contact with you by listening. We’ll get a handle on your unique situation and help you find the auto insurance coverage that fits your needs, at a cost you can afford. It’s right in our name. Call Cost U Less at (866) 464-4009, visit us or get a quick online quote

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