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7 Tips to Prepare for a Storm

Storms can get pretty with winds of up to 300 miles per hour and cause significant damage. While you cannot prevent it from happening, you should have a storm preparedness checklist and be aware of what you need to do.

Tips to Prepare for a Storm

1. Build a storm preparedness kit

An emergency kit should have everything you would need to survive on your own for multiple days. This would include food, water, and other necessary materials such as medications, a first aid book, a flashlight, a sleeping bag or warm blanket, a change of clothing, batteries, a mess kit, pet food for pets, and more. 

2. Ensure your important documents are stored safely

It is a good idea to keep items such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, social security cards, passports, and deeds in a safe location from fires and flooding.

3. Be aware of weather that might signify danger

Some of the signs you should watch out for include a dark-greenish sky, large hail, a wall of clouds, and approaching or falling debris.

4. Pay attention to the news

Consider investing in a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio All Hazards receiver, which will provide the latest news about approaching storms from the National Weather Service. It is important to note that a “Storm Watch” indicates that a storm is possible, while a “Storm Warning” means that a storm has been spotted and you should take shelter immediately. 

5. Create a family disaster plan 

storm preparedness checklist

The plan should include information on how to get in touch with individuals outside of your area. You should also designate a location to reunite with your family if you become separated. 

6. Pick a location in your home where you and your family will gather

The best places are typically in a storm cellar or basement. If those locations are not available, select an interior room of your home on the first floor. Try to stay away from windows or rooms with exterior walls. 

7. Practice! 

Do not let an actual storm event be the first time you run through your plan. Run drills with your family, so you’re prepared before a storm arrives.

It is not only important to know how to prepared for a storm, but also what to do if you are currently experiencing one. You should go directly to the identified safe area in your home.

Storms can cause serious damage. After they pass, avoid entering damaged structures until you know they are safe and stay away from fallen power lines. Only use your phone for emergencies and use texts instead of calls. If you have damage to your home or property, be sure to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. While no one can avoid the impact of a storm entirely, safety tips such as these can help to keep you and your family protected. 

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