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10 Ways to Make This Holiday Season Your Healthiest Yet

Have health insurance? If not, give us a call, because as we move into 2016, the penalties for not having insurance are higher than ever. And why wouldn’t you want coverage? During the holidays, many of us are out of the house, out of the state, or even out of the country visiting loved ones and creating timeless memories. Don’t let those memories be tainted by a looming cold or persistent cough – follow these 10 tips and you’ll make it through the holidays without so much as a sniffle (or at least decrease your chances of falling ill).

Disinfect to Protect

When you have a long flight or bus ride ahead of you, nothing seems more appealing than settling into your seat for the long haul, but first, be sure to wipe the seat down with a disinfecting wipe or two and allow it to air-dry. This protects you from any malicious microbes left there by the last person the use the seat. Wipe anything and everything you might touch.

Bring Something to Drink!

Staying hydrated is always important, so this holiday season, never be without your trusty water bottle. The cold winter air might be dry, and if it isn’t, the cabin of a plane certainly will be. Staying hydrated can shield you from colds and even the flu.

Take a Walk

While travelling, remember: If you remain stationary for long periods of time, you could develop DVT or deep-vein thrombosis. This is a formation of blood clots in the legs and can be life-threatening. Taking a short walk around the cabin every hour or two eliminates this risk.

Pay Attention to your Hands

You’d be surprised by how many germy surfaces you mistakenly touch, and you may also be surprised by the fact that hand-to-mouth transmission of cold viruses was the most common kind. Don’t touch railings, buttons, screens, or doors unless you have to, and disinfect frequently.

Find New Ways to Relax

Are the people at salons and massage kiosks offering you a free massage? Take it! Studies show that a single massage can drastically reduce your stress levels on a biological level.

Peace of mind can also be extremely relaxing, so consider purchasing a personal health insurance plan before your voyage.

Treat Yourself, Don’t Defeat Yourself

The occasional treat is good for the soul, but don’t overestimate how much exercise you’re getting. Don’t use a walk around the mall to justify a Cinnabon – it doesn’t outweigh the calories.

Okay, Treat Yourself, But with Healthy Snacks

A sugary snack might be a bad idea, but tasty and refreshing fruits and vegetables are always a good snack. Bring your favorite healthy snacks with you and use them to fight off temptation and hunger.

Have a Recovery Night

All of that travel isn’t just making you sleepy – it’s having a serious impact on your body. The night after a long trip, consider staying in with a movie and a loved one instead of going out right away. Your body will thank you.

Manage Your Appetite

The holidays offer no shortage of delicious things to eat, so save room and avoid overeating by chewing gum or otherwise suppressing your appetite. Fruit, vegetables, and water are all satisfying alternatives!

Have a Few Drinks, Not a Few Too Many

It’s perfectly fine to let loose and have a drink now and then, and with holiday offerings of eggnog and mulled wine, it can be hard to slow down, but a hangover can seriously damage tomorrow’s itinerary – so just don’t overdo it. Savor the delicious drinks of the season!

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