Your Intro to Delicious Weight Loss Smoothies

Having health insurance could be the most important part of staying healthy in the long term for many people, but maintaining a healthy diet can make you feel great. Of course, many of us are worried about the time and money required to eat a balanced, nutritious breakfast every single morning. From school to work to kids, mornings can be hectic for just about anyone, and today, we’re going to learn how to improvise the most delicious (and nutritious) breakfast shakes out there.


The best thing about smoothies is that they’re highly customizable, which means that you don’t need to go shopping for smoothies supplies as long as you have a few of the following…


Great Ingredients for Any Smoothie

Your favorite fruit juice can serve as the perfect flavor-base to your smoothie, so choose from apple, orange, pineapple, papaya, and more to start off your day. Don’t use too much, though – fruit juices can contain many empty calories, and as always, the most important part of weight loss is calorie management.


Next, you’ll want to add something to give your smoothie a bit of creaminess. This could be whipped cream, yogurt, kefir, or one of many other dairy products. If you and dairy don’t get along, smoothies are the perfect opportunity to substitute in some almond or coconut milk.


Next, add some fruit to make your smoothie even more delicious, filling, and satisfying. Frozen or fresh, fruit are an essential part of any healthy smoothie, and if you’re short on ice, frozen fruit can give your smoothie a splash of coolness. Keep in mind that the fruit you add also heavily influences the color of your smoothie, and if you’re adding some of the following ingredients, you may or may not want to do so. Those are the essentials! With the right budgeting, a healthy diet can cost less than an affordable health insurance plan (although we’d never recommend choosing one over the other).


Weird, Healthy, and Delicious Additions

So we already have a delicious smoothie in the making, but what if you want to go that extra mile and add some extra healthiness to your morning routine? Believe it or not, your morning smoothie is a great chance to sneak some veggies into your diet. Greens like spinach and kale can blend right into an otherwise brightly-colored fruit smoothie, adding vitamins and minerals without effecting the taste too much. Try experimenting with different veggies, both for their flavor and for their nutritional content.


Trying to build a little muscle? Throw some of your favorite protein powder in the mix to turn your smoothie into a power smoothie. Add a little and you won’t even notice the taste or add a lot for maximum gains. Want to add some protein but lack the powder to do so? Peanut butter is your friend. Allergic? Almond butter is a great substitute.


Fresh strawberries putting in blender cup and hands with some berries are blurry.

But How Much?

Assemble your ingredients, because it’s time to start adding them to the blender. Here are some recommended portions to get you started – but be sure to experiment with new combinations when you can, and don’t forget about the importance of carrying at least some low-cost health insurance.


1 cup juice

1 cup cream

1-2 cups veggies

1-2 cups fruit

Handful of greens

Handful of ice or frozen berries


It really is that simple.

Your Intro to Delicious Weight Loss Smoothies
Article Name
Your Intro to Delicious Weight Loss Smoothies
Everyone deserves a good health insurance plan, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle may be simpler than you think.